Showcase of 30+ Blog Designs With Awesome Datetime Display

published on November 29, 2009

The beautiful blog designs need many qualifications. There are a lot of bloggers focus on their blog header, footer, the layout of arrangement, font size, and many more… However, there is still one thing which should be considered: it is the display of date and time of the posts. We are gradually forgetting it and many designers choose the simple way to display it as simple as a text line. This round up will show you more than 30 web blogs that are doing well with their posts date displaying.

Round Up And See How They Designed Beautiful Colorful Websites

published on November 16, 2009

Design a colorful web page is not easy as we can see. The strongest problem is the blending a lost of color in one design. If you don’t have the idea or at least aesthetic eyes, your design will be terrible. This round up is not a new idea, but at least, you will see something new that never showed up before.