Best WordPress Themes 2021

UPDATED April 12, 2021: 2021 is sure to be another great year for WordPress Theme development. Like the millions and millions of people using WordPress, we eagerly await the Themes and Plugins to be released this year, and you can count on Blogging Experiment to keep you updated on everything you need to know!

With tens of millions of websites powered by WordPress, programmers are constantly innovating their themes to keep pace with the development cycles of WordPress. Responsive design and HTML5 are on the cutting edge of features, and we expect to see a heavy focus on these two options this year.

To help you navigate the world of WordPress Themes, we are pleased to present you with the our 6th annual Best WordPress Themes – this time for 2021.

Instead of creating a huge list of random themes, our 2021 Themes will be broken down by category. Throughout the year we will not only keep this list updated with the latest and greatest in the world of WP Themes, we will also add be adding new articles about the latest in the world of WordPress. is your #1 source for WordPress Themes 2021 and beyond.

For your convenience, we’ve broken down the themes on this page by categories including: Responsive, Portfolio, Magazine, Business, eCommerce, BuddyPress, Frameworks, HTML5, Real Estate, Free, and Premium.

Our top pick for an individual theme is the all new X Theme. If you are looking for our favorite Theme Club in 2021, it is without a doubt Elegant Themes.

Best Responsive WP Themes 2021

Responsive design will be the “theme” of 2021 for WordPress Themes yet again. Providing your visitors with a single design that responds to the myriad of devices in which people can access your site (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) should be a primary focus as you search for WordPress Themes 2021.

Nimble - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

X Theme is a different kind of WordPress theme and one that we think you’ll be really impressed with. Instead of buying one theme and being stuck with one design, the X theme comes with multiple, completely unique designs built in (and changing from design to design is a breeze). They also have a built in Customizer that allows you to change around your site using a live previewer. For example, you can move the menu from being static at the top to fixed on the left, or you can make the content area really big and the sidebar area really small – all while the changes are happening right before your eyes. The options are truly endless with the X WordPress Theme. In addition, many internet marketing experts contributed to the development of this theme, and you get to learn some amazing marketing knowledge along the way. Pick up your copy of the X theme today.

Nimble - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

Nimble Theme is a wonderful responsive Theme from Elegant Themes great for showcasing your product, info, or content in a exciting and compelling manner. Coming with all the features that you are used to having, you can’t go wrong with this template. An easy to use page builder as well as a shortcode generator help you to create unique pages within minutes. Due to the outstanding support from Elegant Themes you will always get proper help if you have any questions regarding any of their Themes (and don’t forget that you get ALL of the Themes from Elegant Themes from just $69).

BigBang- Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

BigBang Theme is an outstanding theme that comes with all features you would want for your website. If you are looking for a responsive template that just works out of the box and comes with a lot of customization options BigBang will not disappoint you. As one of the best selling themes and due to frequent updates you can’t go wrong with this theme.

Dano - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

Dano Theme – is a very minimal yet powerful Theme. It has all the new features you might need and fully supports the latest version of WP (3.5 as of this update) which comes with the new media uploader. When you want your audience to focus on the content rather than the images this Theme is the way to go. This template supports all resolutions from 1680px down to 240px so it doesn’t matter with what device your user will view the site, it always will look good.

Lucid - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

Lucid is a high-end Magazine WordPress Theme for 2021 that is fully responsive and will engage your readers quickly. With a clean navigation, featured categories, and breadcrumb navigation – Lucid will guide visitors through your site with ease. Who would have thought you could get such a beautiful and professional responsive Theme for WordPress for about 50 cents!

Modernize - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

Modernize Theme was created by the ever-popular GoodLayers over at ThemeForest. With a wonderfully designed drag and drop page builder on the back end, Modernize is about as cutting edge as you can be when it comes to finding the Best of WordPress Themes in 2021. Boasting a responsive design that looks wonderful on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices — Modernize is a wonderful example of responsive technology at its best.

Mineral - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

Mineral Theme – is a top selling theme on ThemeForest which has a very modern and flat approach. If you look design that is very user friendly and not bloating your screen if unnecessary stuff then this theme coming with a lot of shortcodes and page templates is the right choice for you.

Best Portfolio / Photography WP Themes 2021

Portfolio WordPress Themes are great for photographers, videographers, or anybody who needs to showcase creative work. Below you will find our favorite Portfolio and Photography WordPress Themes for 2021.

Origin - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Origin is one of the newest themes from Elegant Themes, and is the perfect solution if you are looking for a modern grid-based portfolio theme. Fully supporting localization and being SEO optimized means that you won’t have to worry about installing additional plugins or spending time looking for solutions. When buying a theme from Elegant Theme you know that it just works and that there is always a very helpful support team.

Expression - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Expression Theme is one of the best selling Portfolio WordPress themes of 2021. Coming with a modern grid based layout that puts the attention on the images this theme is the perfect solution if the majority of your content are images. With the option to create custom detailed pages for each portfolio item Expression gives you the opportunity to feature your work perfectly.

Notebook - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Notebook Theme from Elegant Themes comes with all the options you expect from the Elegant Themes. A font customizer as well as a wide range of shortcodes make it easy to set up this WordPress Theme. Even if you want to run your site in a different language Notebook comes full localization support.

Essenza - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Essenza Theme is a full width portfolio theme which focus on the images rather than content. The grid view of the front page is perfect to showcase your work and you will love using this theme thanks to its simple theme option panel. While some people might want to look for a portfolio theme with a more basic layout this is perfect for people who like to have something unique.

Frame - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2013

Frame Theme is one of the top selling photography WordPress themes in the year 2021. It has an breathtaking full-width slider on the frontpage which lets you showcase your work and actually display your art in a proper size to make an impression. Besides this you can choose between several page templates and give your site an unique touch so you clients will see all your work and can easily get in touch with you.

Core - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Core Theme is a more minimal approach when it comes to Portfolio WordPress themes. Custom posts types, full-width slideshow, and a social widget which make it easy to share pages or images with other people are the reasons to get this theme. Due to it’s clean design and the wide range of page templates you can style your site unique and make a professional appearance.

Daisho - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Daisho Theme for creative people is the way to go when looking for something fresh and clutter-free. Category filter and built in SEO tools help you to manage your site with easy and 2021 will be a troublefree year for sure.

WowWay - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Wowway comes with a wide range of features and uses the latest technology of 2021 to ensure to get the most out of your WordPress site. Optimized to work on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop you won’t have to worry if your clients are using a different tool to access the internet than a desktop pc. Clever things like the use of Gravatar round up this great theme.

Gleam - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Gleam Theme comes with a very one of a kind design. The frontpage consists of a full-width image of your choice. When clicking on the logo the menu appears and leads you to all other pages. Due to this design you can feature an image or product of your choice while guaranteeing visitors won’t miss it! A very creative photography WordPress Theme for 2021.

Best Magazine WP Themes 2021

WordPress Magazine Themes are great for sites that produce a lot of information and want a way to feature it in an easy to consume manner. Whether this is for your personal blog or a large corporation, these Magazine Themes are some of the best of the best!

Nexus - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

Nexus Theme is the newest magazine theme from elegantthemes. One of the best things about buying Nexus is that you get access to over 80 more theme for free. So when you want to change your site’s genre or simply want something fresh you have access to an always growing portfolio of themes which are each unique and good looking. Nexus comes with all the eleganttheme plugins like the easy to use site builder and several shortcodes.

Columns - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2013

Columns is a magazine theme that uses a modular base which means you can edit your front page by moduls and change the layout to your needs. Coming with an advanced theme option panel you will look tweaking every single option till you are satisfied with the end result. Coming with over 50 custom fonts you can give your site a magazine feel by using the right font.

PressGrid - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

PressGrid Theme is one of the latest magazine Themes that takes the idea of the “usual” magazine Themes to a whole new level. Articles styled like a grid as front page is something very trendy in 2021 and that’s one big reason to take a look at this template. Besides this revolutionary layout it also comes with soundcloud integration which is currently very popular in the music scene.

Valenti - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

Valenti Theme is a very simple but stylistic magazine WordPress theme. One of the best features of this theme is the option to select a featured image for each individual page which then gets displayed in the header area. This makes each page very unique and you can change the look and feel through the basic use of an image. Something else that is worth mentioning is the megamenu which lets you display a large amount of categories or other links in one single drop-down menu.

The Gossip - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

The Gossip Theme gives your magazine page the right look for 2021. Coming with an auto install feature, an extensive admin panel and tons of custom shortcodes you can’t go wrong with this theme. It’s one of the top sellers of 2013 and supports retina displays which is very future proof. To top it off it even supports BuddyPress and bbPress in addition to being an outstanding magazine theme.

XXXXX - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2021

TheStyle Theme is in contrast to Lucid a dark WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. It comes in five different colors and tries a very simple approach to the so often cluttered world of magazine layouts.

Best Business WP Themes 014

If you or your client run a business and need a professional web presence, allow us to introduce you to these amazing Business Themes for WordPress.

Flexible - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2021

Flexible Theme is currently our favorite Business Theme of 2021 that also happens to be fully responsive. This wonderfully designed WordPress Theme is easy on the eyes, created by the one and only Elegant Themes, and a great example of responsive design in action. Perhaps our favorite feature of this fine Theme is that it is part of the entire Elegant Themes club which means you’ll get access to this plus the nearly dozens and dozens of other premium Themes from ET for just $69.

Envision - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Envision Theme is a top line business WordPress Theme that gives your company the right look to bring across a message. Coming with 5 different homepage sliders and an easy one-click auto install, this is a Theme that even people without WordPress experience can easily set up. Shortcodes which make is easy to customize each page are included with a wide range of different looks.

Blue Diamond - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Blue Diamond Theme from GoodLayers is one of the best selling Themes of 2021 in the business segment. The reasons are pretty obvious. This Theme comes with a page builder that is superior to most others on the market and lets you customize the layout of each page with a simple drag and drop interface. No coding required. Another big thing is that it comes with two different versions. One boxed and one full-width mode which change the look and feel of the Theme dramatically. Very awesome!

Jarvis - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Jarvis Theme is one of those themes that simply stand out. It’s a one-page template which is perfect for businesses that simply want to showcase their products or services without having the customer to visit hundreds of pages. Simply place all the information on one page and give them what they want to read instantly. Thanks to this more and more popular concept the way how to find information on company sites has dramatically improved.

Natural - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Natural Theme, from Organic Themes, is like the name states: a Theme that targets eco friendly businesses. The year 2021 is definitely one where people are starting to seriously care about the environment – so if you want to give your comapany a clean and green touch then this template is the way to go.

PlatformPro - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

PlatformPro Theme is from PageLines. They were the first Theme developers that published a Theme that is completely customizeable with an outstanding drag and drop interface. If one Theme can be called customizeable, it’s for sure this one. Besides having a very good reputation this theme comes with outstanding documentation and support which is a huge plus for people that aren’t used to WordPress.

Jupiter - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Jupiter Theme is a theme that really has everything you can think of. It lets you run your own native eCommerce store if you need it. If not simply deactivate the plugin and you can use the theme as a normal business theme which has over 100 shortcodes a custom made page builder and every feature you can think of. With outstanding support and a documentation that explains every little detail you can’t go wrong with this template.

Incentive - Best Business WordPress Theme 2021

Incentive is a new theme from Parallelus. If you don’t know this name yet then start getting familiar with it. He is known for his high quality themes which you will fall in love as soon as you start setting it up. Every piece of this theme is rigorously tested and made with love. If you are looking for a clean business theme you should give this template a chance.

Best Ecommerce WP Themes 2021

Selling something online has never been easier. Thanks to these amazing WordPress Ecommerce Themes, you can quickly and easily setup your online store in 2021 using WordPress.

Neighborhood - Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme 2021

Neighborhood Theme is one of the most complex and good looking Ecommerce templates available. Coming from one of the top authors of themeforest you will instantly fall in love with this theme. It comes with its own page builder and a framework that is very complex yet easy to use. Don’t worry about high resolution displays or smartpones, this theme is responsive and retina ready so it doesn’t matter on which device you are viewing your Ecommerce store it always will look sharp and stunning.

StoreBox - Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme 2021

StoreBox Theme, also coming from Templatic, is a lighter and more retail based solution. Managing your taxes was never as easy as with this Theme due to a custom tax system as well as an affiliate system which gives other people the opportunity to promote your products and get a commission for it.

eStore - Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme 2021

eStore Theme is a very solid store which has all the important features that you would expect from a premium Theme in 2021. While this Theme is just providing basic functionality, it is exactly the way to go if you do want to have a clean an easy shop solution on your site. With an outstanding support and unique color schemes, you can’t go wrong with eStore.

Replete - Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme 2021

RepleteTheme is a ThemeForest Theme from the number one author Kriesi, and it is one of the most extensive Themes out there. It is fully responsive so people can shop in your store on the go on their smartphones. 13 predefined skins make it customizeable and due to the use of color pickers you can make the Theme as unique as you want. Embeding videos that showcase your products is supported and helps you to promote them properly.

Mazine - Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme 2021

Mazine Theme comes with a newsletter subscription widget which helps you to stay in touch with your customers even after they bought something. This helps you to get your business booming and that’s something everyone is striving for. While this template is more basic it has the option to automatical sort your products which can come in useful.

Best BuddyPress WP Themes 2021

Are you looking to build a community online? Want to have a social network or forum built right into WordPress? BuddyPress (from the creators of WordPress) is just the (free) tool to do that…and these are the WP Themes you’ll want to use.

Mingle - Best BuddyPress WordPress Theme 2021

Mingle Theme is fully supporting BuddyPress and still has a very clean business look. So if you are running a company and want to integrate social options as well as profiles for you users then this is the perfect solution. In addition to that, Mingle comes with a drag and drop layout builder to make it even easier for you.

Huddle - Best BuddyPress WordPress Theme 2021

Huddle Theme is a robust Theme that takes community interaction in the year 2021 to a whole new level. It has a very specific look and after setting it up everything looks like you would expect it to. No complex setup process or WordPress knowlege is required to create your own community site.

Salutation - Best BuddyPress WordPress Theme 2021

Salutation Theme is perhaps the most famous BuddyPress Theme on the market today. A sidebar generator and frequent Theme updates are a huge reason to buy this theme. With over 4000 sales and outstanding reviews, this Theme is highly recommended.

Made - Best BuddyPress WordPress Theme 2021

Made Theme is one of the newest Themeforest BuddyPress Themes, is fully responsive, and comes with a one-of-a-kind user rating system. If you want to prevent bad behavior in your community this rating system gives you the opportunity to let each user rate each other which will lead to a transparent way to monitor users.

Score - Best BuddyPress WordPress Theme 2021

Score Theme is a Theme that also has a rating function, but in this Theme it rates articles. If you want a content driven community site, then this is the Theme you will want. Good articles with high ratings will be featured in a slideshow which gives them the exposure they deserve while bad rated articles are easily filtered out of the front page.

Best WordPress Frameworks 2021

Looking to get into WordPress Theme development in 2013 – 2021? Here are some of the most poupular Theme Frameworks. (ThemeShaper and Skelton are starter themes). Save time and money by using one of these wonderful frameworks or starter themes for your next development project.

Thesis - Best WordPress Frameworks 2021

Thesis Framework (DIYThemes) comes with many features, for example a visual design template editor. This editor lets you customize each and every element of the site and although you might use the same theme as another person it will never look the same as yours. Thesis is used by over 100,000 customers and counting and is VERY popular among the WordPress Theme community.

PageLines - Best WordPress Frameworks 2021

PageLines Framework is known for the famous drag and drop page builder which replaces the normal use of shortcodes for styling your pages. For example if you want to display a slider on a page you can do this without touching any code and just dragging the slider icon into your content area. This makes this framework one of the easiest for people who aren’t familiar with html and css.

Genesis - Best WordPress Frameworks 014

Genesis Framework from StudioPress is a solid search optimized solution for all of their Themes. They provide outstanding support and have an extensive collection of tutorials to make it easy for beginners to understand and use the framework to its full extent.

Headway - Best WordPress Frameworks 2021

Headway Framework features a grid based editor to change the layout proportion, and in addition to that there is a dedicated design editor for all the styling and color changes you might want to make with one of their themes. This framework is supporting all smartphones and tablets so you never have to worry about users who are viewing your site from one of these devices.

ThemeShaper - Best HTML5 Starter WordPress Theme 2021

ThemeShaper is an HTML5 starter WordPress Theme to help your creative juices flowing for your next WordPress Theme development project.

Skeleton - Best WordPress Starter Theme 2021

Skeleton is a free and basic responsive starter Theme framework that uses popular extensions like the options framework, formalize, and a unique bbPress skin.

Best HTML5 WP Themes 2021

HTML5 is no longer the future – it’s the here and now. While we feel that Responsive Design will be the primary focus of WordPress Theme development in 2021, HTML5 will be hot on it’s tails. Check out some of the best HTML5 WordPress Themes currently available.

Centum - Best HTML5 WordPress Theme 2021

Centum Theme comes with the Revolution Responsive Slider which is a premium slider that normally you would need to buy as well as over 500 Google Fonts options and many more features that will make you stand out of the crowd. This Theme uses HTML5 to the full extent as it should be in a Theme that is ready for 2021.

UX - Best HTML5 WordPress Theme 2021

UX Theme promotes itself as “super premium” theme which stands for superb user experience. What this template tries to achieve is having the best and cleanest experience possible (for users and also for administration). Things like an AJAX option panel make it really comfortable to tweak and play around with until you find the exact look you are going for.

Sterling - Best HTML5 WordPress Theme 2021

Sterling Theme is the successor of the Karma Theme and comes like its big brother with a huge range of features. Fully SEO optmized and WPML certified, you will really enjoy this Theme. For all the people who like to go fancy, there is an option to use a 3D slider which makes your site truly stand out.

SmartStart - Best HTML5 WordPress Theme 2021

Smart Start takes a more minimal approach and sticks to the core features. If you are looking for an easy Theme with all the important features but do not want to mess around with hundreds of options, then this is the way to go.

Best Real Estate WP Themes 2021

Are you in the real estate profession and looking for a top-notch design to show off your listings? Use one of these Real Estate WordPress Themes, and leave your competition in the dust!

Real Homes - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Real Homes Theme is a very well designed real estate theme that lets you showcase and filter properties with ease. Thanks to the dedicated property management area in the backend you can easily list homes without any use of code. Coming with filters like location and price people can get exactly those properties shown which fit to their needs.

Vacation Rental - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Vacation Rental Theme is an outstanding Theme from Templatic. Featuring a booking module and an availablity calendar this Theme provides you with everything you need. No additional plugins are required and you can set the whole thing up within minutes. The integration of google maps helps your guests to find the location with ease.

Hotel Booking - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Hotel Booking has everything you need to run a professional hotel booking site in 2021. Including shortcodes, a news and service blog, and a built-in payment gateway for high security, this Theme is sweet!.

Elegant Estate - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Elegant Estate Theme turns your site in a full-featured real estate website which will help you sell properties with ease. This solid Theme provides you with all the tools to run a successful real estate business.

Estate - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Estate Theme uses WooCommerce so you can easily list all your real estate on your WordPress site. The “On Show Properties” option gives your favorite properties the exposure you want them to have. Listed in a unique archived and easily featured in the slider this will help you drive appointments and eventually offers!

Open Door - Best Real Estate WordPress Theme 2021

Open Door Theme is from the same developer as Open House with the major difference being that it is targeted towards cars dealerships. So if you want to reach customers over the internet and inform them about the lastest deals, this template will get you on your way.

Best Free WP Themes 2021

Finding quality Free WordPress Themes can be nearly impossible. These themes are not only free…they are free from encrypted links and a lot of the other garbage found in 99% of “free” WordPress Themes.

Best Free WordPress Theme 2021

Best Theme is a fully responsive theme that comes with a wide range of tools to customize your theme to your needs. Shortcodes make it easy to build pages from scratch as well as a huge collection of page templates which gives you the possibility to get your site going within minutes. Oh, and we created it and use it on this very site!

Busby - Best Free WordPress Theme 2021

Busby Theme has built in SEO options as well as twitter and facebook integration to make it easy to interact socially with your audience. Features like the possibility to add tracking codes to get all the statistics of your popular pages so you know what your visitors are included and a nice addition.

Responsive - Best Free Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Responsive Theme is a fluid WordPress theme which supports WooCommerce. So if you want to sell products on your site you won’t need any third party application to do so with this free and responsive Theme. Besides this it has 11 widget areas, 6 page templates, and 4 menu positions. Pretty amazing for a free WordPress Theme!

Photographer - Best Free Photography WordPress Theme 2021

Photographer Theme is the perfect theme if you are a photographer or want to feature images on your site. This Theme puts the pictures into focus and gives you the opportunity to create detailed single pages for each of your items. The template even comes with an overview video that helps you to get started.

CleanMag - Best Free WordPress Theme 2021

CleanMag Theme is a free blogging Theme for WordPress. If you love to write and share it with people then this template is the right choice to get your first experience with the outstanding WordPress software. The clean and minimal design will put the focus of the site to your blogs content, and in addition you can select a featured image that will be displayed on top of your blog post.

Swatch - Best Free WordPress Theme 2021

Swatch Theme from WooThemes has the option to feature different slides to showcase your products or services. Another great thing is the widgetized area on the front page which gives you the possbility to display any widget on the front page, even the ones you have downloaded from the plugin directory.

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Elegant Themes - WordPress Themes 2021

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