Shadow Motion Effect in 5 Lines Of jQuery

published on April 22, 2010

Who doesn’t love motion effects, right? shadows following the motion of movements while in a fighting scene, some of my favorite scenes are from The Matrix, Kung Fu Hustle, etc. I don’t event know how this effect is called, but …

Learning jQuery: Your First jQuery Plugin, "BubbleUP"

published on February 22, 2010

Update: The icons used in this tutorial can be found free here. There are many posts available detailing how to write your own jQuery plugin. It won’t take long before you realize that building in jQuery is very simple. Continuing …

Learning jQuery: Horizontal Panel Sliding With animate() function

published on November 2, 2009

This post is of the Learning jQuery series. Today, we will learn to use the animate() function to slide the panel to the left. It’s useful for display your options for search page. By a trick, we will make the animation more simple.

Learning jQuery: Click Event with Locked Page likes Mac

published on August 28, 2009

Have you ever used DeskShade in Mac? It cures boring and cluttered desktops. The feature of DeskShade that I love most is locked screen. It’s so awesome. Today, I write this tutorial to help you build the locked page for …

Kwicks for jQuery and an awesome horizontal animated menu

published on August 17, 2009

Menu of a web page is the most important and maybe the most clicked link on your web page. Do you want your menu look sexy with an awesome animation on your website? Follow me, I will walk you to the final result of using Kwicks – jQuery Plugin to build an horizontal menu with a nice effect like Mootools but more customizable and versatile.