25 Very Useful WordPress Calendar Plugins for 2013

published on September 24, 2012

Time management is one of the biggest problems faced by business owners be they digital business or brick and mortar. There are too many things to do and when you do one thing you obviously can’t do something else (MBA …

Top 15 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog Secure

published on May 31, 2010

You think the more secure blog, the more successful blogging job, don’t you? You can keep your blog secure by installing a bunch of WordPress security plugins. However, instead of activating too many plugins that have the same features, same …

The Right Way To Build WordPress As A Community News

published on January 2, 2010

WordPress is getting popular now and everyone is switching to use WordPress because we can build anything with WordPress: WordPress as a magazine, WordPress as a bulletin board, Video site ….. Today, I would like to put all my love for WordPress into this tutorial to explain how to build WordPress as a Community News, … but in a right way.

The Nice Way To Mention Your Recent Articles in WordPress SideBar

published on December 27, 2009

People asked me how I mention my recent articles in WordPress sidebar by display post thumbnails and titles with a well-styled. Today, I would like to response their request. This way is being used in some blogs. I’m not sure if they are using the same method as mine, but at least we will get the same result.

10 Useful Code Snippets And Plugins To Spice Up WordPress Avatar

published on December 1, 2009

How well are you using avatar in your wordpress blog? Let see how people spice up avatar section in their wordpress. This entry provides us 10 most useful code snippets and wordpress plugin that help you control, customize your avatar in wordpress better.

10 WordPress Plugins To Boost Up Your Theme You Have Ever Known

published on November 12, 2009

Do you know what the most difference between the hard-working wordpress theme developer and the lazier one is? The hard-working always finds the ways to restrict plugin using for his theme, but the lazier one just needs a plugin that can use for his theme and save his time is fine. However, sometime, there are wordpress plugins that two kind of designer above must use.

This post contains 10 wordpress plugins that help you to boost up your wordpress design. Some of plugins in this collection based on the ideas around the web blog design posts. Enjoy it!