CSS text-indent: An Excellent Trick To Style Your HTML Form

published on February 3, 2010

You properly know exactly what the property text-indent does in our css style. It’s just a common property of css that everybody using everyday to hide the text in link block. Sure, text-indent is doing it well. However, it does not only just hide the text. It does more.

5 Fresh jQuery Plugins Make You Love Your HTML Forms More

published on January 16, 2010

Working with HTML forms is really a nightmare because your forms always mess up. This post includes 5 newest and useful jQuery plugins that help you work with HTML forms better and love them more. Enjoy the post in the series of jQuey plugins that is always fresh and useful.

Contact form for Blogger users by Formspring

published on December 6, 2008

Blogger is the most powerful blog provided by Goolge. Everything is ok, Blogger supports so many useful tools for you to publish your blog, but you know, Blogger did not provide the form in your blog that vistors can contact …

Post form to clean, a tutorial with JSP/Servlet and JavaScript

published on July 16, 2008

Rewritten URLs are valuable because they increase website usability and improve search engine optimisation (SEO), in PHP with mod_rewrite, you can rewrite URL easily and simple, when using java, you can too, just follow this article. Well, but we have …