Cool Clean Fonts for Your New Designs

published on August 10, 2010

When working on some graphics with a text involved, it is important to make a proper choice of a font to use. A good decision on the font is crucial for delivering the right message to the target audience. When …

20 Fonts Ideal For The iPhone And Other Mobile Screens

published on February 8, 2010

When designing backgrounds or interfaces for smaller screens designers really need to pay attention to which fonts they are selecting. Fancy fonts which look awesome on large screens are often barely readable at smaller resolutions. Here is a collection of …

@font-face Generator Every Web Designer Must Know

published on January 19, 2010

As you’ve already known, Firefox 3.5+ , Safari 3.1+, Opera 10+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+, all of them support @font-face embedding and Google’s Chrome 3.0 beta does as well. Although embedding the @font-face is easy by just few line code in CSS, create these font file for each type of web browser is not easy. Too many steps! Have you ever wished you had font-face kit that includes all of these files? Today, you’ll have it.

30 Thin and Light Fonts That Should Not Be Free

published on September 21, 2009

Thin and Light fonts are font types good for alternative logo design. However, looking for a good thin and light font for free is so hard because most of them is just for commercial using. I love them so much and I would like to share with you a list of 30 thin and light fonts. They’re beautiful. Furthermore, I love them because they are free.