7 Bestselling Unusual Themes for WordPress

published on March 19, 2014

There are some things that are truly unique and outstanding that they can’t help but stand out and rise to the top of the heap. Here are some of the best selling WordPress themes that owe their popularity to a unique niche that they fill.

X Theme

Dubbed as Themeforest’s most popular new product, this theme presents itself as the ultimate WordPress theme. The claim’s validity is backed by real world results and real time feedback from its satisfied users who have experienced the endless customization options available to its owners. While it offers a lot to those who want to dabble into the “nuts and bolts” of the theme, X also offers strong solutions for those who just want to get something up and running on their sites in no time. The theme has 3 predefined stacks that can be easily tweaked to give newbies and non-techies a “made by a professional” look for their websites. X offers features that have set the standard and raised the bar as far as WordPress themes go. Not surprising considering the experts who have given their inputs in the development of the theme not to mention the developer’s open ears to customer feedback. It is also not surprising that many already consider this as the last WordPress theme they will ever need.


This unique theme allows you to easily set-up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type. You can have a directory of shops, websites, companies and more. This may be accomplished conveniently with from a frontend like admin panel giving you a more user friendly set-up experience. Visitors will find Directory a convenient reference resource as it delivers information in a concise, convenient manner. Entries are displayed as pins on a google map of the locale of interest. Alternatively visitors may search from a search box or browse off a category of entries. Directory comes with a lot of ad spaces so you can cash in on the traffic your content generates. This theme is integrated with Paypal so administering payments from advertisers and listed establishments isn’t a hassle. With more than 6000 satisfied users, Directory is considered the Best selling directory portal theme on themeforest.


This theme has been around for quite a while but remains a bestseller in its own right because of its special qualities. First and foremost it’s a Gym theme – unique and not like the rest. It addresses a viable niche market – the health and fitness market – where gym owners can easily create a website that can service players in this industry. Some of the useful features the theme has include: a timetable plugin included that allows members and visitors to plan the classes they will attend, Gymbase also displays the pricing for classes, features that allow updates for its members regarding upcoming classes, an easy to use admin panel equipped with a color picker to help you create your own custom look, and everything else you need to run a health and fitness website.


Designed to be a learning management solution for educational or training institutions to maximize the power and reach of the internet, Academy enables you to sell and share knowledge online. This theme gives you the platform to deliver classes and lessons to interested parties. Academy allows you to upload media content and documents as well as to encode quizzes and tests to check for your subscribers competency. You are also able to check the progress of your students, monitor the courses they take, as well as, administer payments. This theme is integrated with WooCommerce. Academy is an invaluable tool especially today, as more and more people turn to e-learning as a means of acquiring new skills and education.


Fundify is the first WordPress theme designed for crowdfunding. This enables you to have a websites in the likes of Indiegogo and Kickstarter where parties can setup campaigns to raise funds for causes they support. Fundify allows you to setup campaigns for a fixed amount of money where supporters are only billed if the minimum target amount of the campaign is reached. Alternatively, the theme also enables flexible campaigns where whatever amount pledged is collected. Fundify also allows you to administer rewards to those who support your causes. The theme integrates with Paypal and easy digital downloads which makes it convenient for supporters to finance causes and advocacies that appeal to them.


With knowledge and information being an important commodity nowadays, it is not surprising to find a knowledge base theme in this list. What makes Knowhow special is that it enables you to setup your own knowledge base with ease and convenience while maintaining the privacy and control of information not available on public Wikis. You can list your content in the form of an FAQ. Knowhow also allows users to search by question or by topic which makes searching more convenient. Not your ordinary WordPress theme.


Globalization and the internet have made the job market more competitive. Jobseekers have a need to display their resumes online so they can get the best jobs available. In a similar fashion, employers need to get the best talent available. Jobify is a job exchange solution used by top companies like dropbox to acquire the best talent globally. Employers can subscribe to your site for posting privileges. Jobseekers can post their resumes in response to job postings. This theme integrates with WooCommerce and Contact forms plugins to give you the best in payment and input management.

Are You Ready For WordPress 3.9?

published on March 18, 2014

Andrew Nacin, lead developer of the WordPress Web Publishing Platform, recently announced the release of the first beta of WordPress 3.9 and it is available for testing in anticipation of its release in April 2014. Here are some of the goodies added:

  • Widget Management -For those of you who have discovered the ease and beauty of the WordPress Customizer, you are in for a treat. WordPress 3.9 introduces the Widget Customizer. This new features allows you to edit, rearrange, and even add new widgets LIVE in the preview pane. This feature can be activated using the Widget Customizer plugin (still currently being developed). This plugin allows you to edit widgets and preview changes in the Theme Customizer, with a control for each widget form in sections added for each sidebar rendered in the preview. No more blind editing.
  • Updated TinyMCE – the software powering the visual editor, to the latest version. Expect cleaner markup and the new paste handling — if you paste in a block of text from Microsoft Word, for example, it will no longer come out terrible. This one is exciting.
  • Galleries now receive a live preview in the editor. Upload some photos and insert a gallery to see this in action
  • Drag-and-drop images directly onto the editor to upload them.
  • Improved editing images in post. Easier to make changes to an image (edit, crop, rotate) after you insert it into a post.
  • WP 3.8?s beautiful new theme browsing experience brought to the theme installer.
  • New audio/video playlists.

Just a few more weeks and this version will be out. If you can’t wait that long, sign up to be a tester and get a headstart from the rest. You can download the beta version for free on the WordPress dev site. Happy testing!

Nick Roach’s Elegant Themes Review

published on March 11, 2014

Elegant Themes - Updated Review for 2014

Updated: March 11, 2014 – 2014 is nearing the middle of the year, and now is a good time to update one of our most popular articles here on Blogging Experiment. For several years we have been singing the praises of Elegant Themes, and 2014 is shaping up to be no different. In a day and age where companies and websites come and go, Elegant Themes has not only stood the test of time, they have continued to innovate by creating massive value for their over 250,000 customers! In the following article, we’d like to give you a detailed overview of just why we call Elegant Themes the Best Deal in WordPress!

After all, having the right WordPress Theme is crucial to your websites’ success. It’s kind of like the study that showed how people looking to buy a home can make up their mind within 8 seconds of walking in the door whether they like it or not – by not giving your visitors the right first impression (your design) – you’re literally inviting them to hit the back button.

The Dilemma

As a blogger your focus should be on content. Blog design is important, but when you think about it, do people go to Craigslist because it looks pretty? Absolutely not. They use it because they’re the best in the field.

Since we’re not all Craigslists, we must merge the design and content aspects together in as seamless a manner as possible. You want to have a nice looking design, but you most likely are not strong in design itself (much less coding that pretty design). You want a unique, impressive look that conveys professionalism and passion about your craft, but you’re probably not an expert at usability (how “usuable” your site is to visitors). And finally, you want to do all this in the cheapest, most cost effictive way possible (nothing wrong with that).

Elegant Themes

Have you ever spent any length of time browsing around countless free wordpress theme sites only to be left feeling unsatisfied? Does it seem like most of the free themes are … well … free for a reason? Where are all the best wordpress themes? After going through these motions for a period of time, I decided to take a look at some premium wordpress themes to see if they were really that much better than the free ones. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Nick Roach’s Elegant Themes, and that changed everything for me.

I knew I could hire a web designer to create a nice looking website as I’ve done countless times in the past. But at $800 to $3500/pop, designers can be expensive. I was interested in finding a nice looking design that I could learn to tweak and modify myself to make it more personalized and customized to my liking.

As a website and blog developer, I am frequently developing new sites, and aside from the content itself, I want each design to be unique and professional. Enter ElegantThemes.

Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Theme Club

Forget $200 to $500 like many other premium theme clubs, for $69…YES, $69 – members get unlimited access and unlimited use to all of Nicks’ premium WordPress Themes. To date there are 80+ elegant WordPress Themes.

I’m going to get out of the way and let Nick’s design speak for itself. As you will see, these are top notch designs that would normally run you several thousand dollars a piece (I’ve researched hiring a good WordPress theme designer, and that is the going rate – typically the floor of their going rate).

Without further ado, here are some of the premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes:

Nexus WordPress Theme

Blogex image_nexus

Nexus Features:

  • Magazine style
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Nexus Theme (Showcase):

More Information On Nexus From Elegant Themes:

Demo Nexus


Vertex WordPress Theme

Blogex image_vertex

Vertex Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Vertex Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the Vertex Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On Vertex From Elegant Themes:

Demo Vertex


Fable WordPress Theme

Blogex image_fable

Fable Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Fable Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the Fable Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On Fable From Elegant Themes:

Demo Fable


Foxy WordPress Theme

Blogex image_foxy

Foxy Features:

  • eCommerce
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Foxy Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the Foxy Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On Foxy From Elegant Themes:

Demo Foxy


Explorable WordPress Theme

Blogex image_explorable

Explorable Features:

  • Location based directory
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Explorable Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the Explorable Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On Explorable From Elegant Themes:

Demo Explorable


StyleShop WordPress Theme

Blogex image_styleshop

StyleShop Features:

  • eCommerce
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the StyleShop Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the StyleShop Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On StyleShop From Elegant Themes:

Demo StyleShop


Fusion WordPress Theme

Fusion Theme from ElegantThemes.com

Fusion Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Secure and valid code
  • Complete localization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Perpetual updates
  • Unparalleled support
  • ADVANCED: ePanel theme options
  • ADVANCED: shortcode collection
  • ADVANCED: page templates

Example Site(s) using the Fusion Theme (Showcase):

  • Email us if you are using the Fusion Theme, and we’ll list you here.

More Information On Fusion From Elegant Themes:


Do WordPress Version Updates Scare You?

published on March 11, 2014

WordPress updates are always something to look forward to. The aggressive approach to improving and upgrading probably the most popular and widest used CMS platform on the internet has made way for more beautiful and easy to manage websites, filled with functions and features more appropriate for today’s internet user. It’s definitely Kubrick and beyond already.

Today, updating your WordPress version is much simpler. It is as easy as clicking a mouse, as it is conveniently done in the confines of your own back end admin panel. Once you see the “There is a new WordPress version available.” Simply click the download or update button and Voila! Update done. However, updates affect different websites in different ways. The possibility that it may break your site exists especially if a lot of customization and coding – plugins, widgets, scripts, and all – has been done to it. Now if you are really into testing and development and really want to push the limits of what abuse WordPress can take, that’s another story. But for the most part, the average WordPress website owner simply wants something that works and will not hinder his business.

There are many opportunities for providing web clients with straight out of the box websites using WordPress themes. This ecosystem has opened up avenues to many WordPress professionals, whether theme developers or service providers, to earn a decent living from it. For the most part, business owners, especially established ones, want to focus on growing their business rather than tinkering with their websites. They will pay professionals to do that and most of the time they want someone to maintain their websites for them. Updates and all.

But what if you are just an average WordPress user who has some but not a lot of WordPress know how? What if you fancy this latest WordPress theme or cool plugin everybody’s raving about and install it? Then suddenly, your website goes haywire because apparently it’s incompatible with the WordPress version you currently have installed.

Here are some tips and tools you can use to make sure you can restore, rebuild, and backup your site before you do any updates.

  • Backup your site before doing any major changes. UpdraftPlus is a quality WordPress plugin that simplifies backups (and restoration). You can backup into the cloud (Amazon S3 (or compatible), Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and email) and restore with a single click. You can also assign separate schedules for files and database.
  • No time? Try automatic backup with BackWPup Free to save your complete installation including /wp-content/ and push them to an external Backup Service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more, see list below. With a single backup .zip file you are able to easily restore an installation.
  • Take your time. Sometimes the Update Now message on your dashboard can be a little nagging and pressure you into clicking the update button right away. Take time to go through the version numbers, change logs, the new features, compatibility, and the feedback of the community. Don’t be too quick to pull the trigger as it might save you from a lot of headache later on.
  • Disable plugins manually if necessary as some of them might not be compatible with the version you are updating to. This will help you avoid messages or denied access to your site if ever. You can always manually restore these plugins one by one to make sure each one works properly.
  • You may also want to choose to disable update notifications just in case using plugins like Disable All WordPress Updates or No Update Nag. This might come in handy for webmasters to implement so as to avoid clients from updating their WordPress websites by mistake.

Updates don’t have to be scary as long as you can confidently and easily restore your site to its former state before the update. Make sure these backup measures are in place for your peace of mind.

The Influence of Mobile Blogging & E-Commerce: Deterring Security Threats

published on March 10, 2014

Tablets and smartphones are like the digital gateways to a cyber universe where people share information and consumers engage with online businesses. With the single swipe of a tablet and click on a smartphone, you can connect with others, publish content and offer products and services. Digital spaces are the online marketplaces for exchanging products, services, and information, while mobile devices are the keys that provide the 24/7 access. Mobile devices haven’t just changed how we communicate. These technologies have revolutionized how we consume content and engage in commerce.

Mobile-Dependent World

More than 1.2 billion people access the Web from their mobile devices and consume an average of 1.8 hours a day of media from those mobile devices, according to an infographic by AF-Studio.pl and Super Monitoring. Among these mobile users, 80 percent of consumers planned to shop online within the year, as of October 2013. The average American also spends about two hours a day on a mobile device, which equates to about 2,387 days in a lifetime. This means the average person will spend nearly 6.5 years on their iPhone or iPad throughout their life (possibly reading your blog or shopping on your site).

For bloggers and online business owners who want to attract audiences and customers, content needs to be mobile—easily accessible, readily available, and safe. Not only does your blog or e-commerce site need to be mobile-friendly, they need to be free of various security vulnerabilities and risks.

Blogging Security Threats

Evernote’s Pocket saves inspirational articles and videos to your tablet for postponed reading. OneNote serves as a writer’s digital notebook for note taking and adding pictures using your phone. The WordPress app edits and publishes blog posts—all from your tablet or laptop that never leaves your side. Bloggers can research, write, post, and share content from anywhere, anytime, and on any type of mobile device. While using the Internet or sharing information on the Web in a public space, you’re always open to security threats. Most obviously, your mobile device can be lost and stolen, exposing your personal content and sensitive information. Security technology company Lookout.com further breaks down mobile security threats into application, Web services and network risks.

  • Downloading a fraudulent app could infect your mobile device with malware, spyware and vulnerable apps. Malware is malicious software that can make unauthorized charges and send unsolicited messages. Spyware steals private data, such as user location and browser history, for identity theft and fraud. Flawed apps can also provide vulnerabilities for an attacker to obtain sensitive information or perform harmful actions.
  • With an Internet connection, your mobile device is susceptible to Web-based threats. A phishing scam is when an email, text or Facebook message includes a fake link to a website to trick you into providing a password or account info. Drive-by downloads will automatically download an application from a Web page, with or without your permission. Unsafe mobile Web browsers can also trigger a browser exploit that installs malicious software or performs harmful actions.
  • Cellular and local wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, can be vulnerable to network exploits and Wi-Fi sniffing. An insecure mobile operating system can encounter a network exploit that installs malware. Wi-Fi sniffing is when unencrypted data is sent across the network. A hacker can read this data and use it to their advantage.

Protect your mobile devices from these threats with the following security basics:

  • Never install an app from an unknown source. Disable any “unknown sources” box on your phone to prevent an inadvertent destructive installation.
  • Download apps from Google Play and iTunes. Check ratings, reviews, permissions, updates, and the number of downloads.
  • Monitor identity theft threats. A 2013 Identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy & Research found that in 2012, there was an identity theft victim every three seconds in the U.S. (a total of 12.6 million consumers), as Pinow published. Visit secure websites that have an “https://” in the address bar.
  • Be aware of imposter websites and cautious while sharing valuable information. Ensure any data you send is encrypted, and furthermore, monitor your personal information with a reliable identity theft protection service.
  • Ignore unrecognizable emails, texts and messages with links that are scams in disguise.
  • Encrypt your data backups and file syncing to prevent access from third parties.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while using public Wi-Fi for safe data transmitting.
  • Install an anti-malware and virus protection solution. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile is an Android mobile security app that can detect and eliminate malware, scan for security vulnerabilities, and protect personal data from unauthorized access.

E-commerce Security Threats

Sure, e-commerce sites don’t experience the threat of shoplifting, but online merchants do experience threats of security breaches and data leakages. Whether you run a blog or online business, security risks can dismantle your livelihood. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge and Help Net Security contributor, identifies three types of attacks: targeted, semi-targeted and untargeted attacks.

  • In a targeted attack, a hacker’s main objective is your e-commerce site and to break into your technical infrastructure.
  • In a semi-targeted attack, you’re one of many vulnerable victims whose Web server is shared by the same host. Hackers are efficient, “compromising the weakest link in the security perimeter,” explains Kolochenko on Net-Security.org. Hackers will even break into a user account on your site and collect credentials in plaintext, subsequently, compromising your security. Thereafter, a hacker could expose confidential customer information and delete databases.
  • In an untargeted attack, a hacker focuses on victims in large quantities. They troll around, crawling Google bots to find Web application software that’s outdated or weak. While hacking into your website and stealing your databases, a hacker may also infect your site with malware.

Explore your website’s security measures to see if there are loopholes and vulnerabilities. Kolochenko recommends the following hacking prevention tips:

  • Replace default or weak passwords with strong and unique passwords that provide trustworthy access to admin panels.
  • Use an updated, open source CMS (e.g. Joomla, WordPress or osCommerce), and check its modules and plugins.
  • Verify any third-party customized codes.
  • Limit access to passwords, site controls and file permissions.
  • Select a reputable and highly qualified Web hosting service with excellent client support and a backup plan.
  • Back up your website and update software. Backing up your website can help with a security investigation if you do get hacked.
  • Contact your Web host and customers if your site gets attacked. Take fast action to repair vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

WordPress dot Org Plugins You Might Have Missed

published on March 8, 2014

WordPress dot org has some powerful plugins that you might not have discovered yet. Check out these cool plugins that just might be the solutions you have been looking for. Some of these plugins are still in the draft or development stage as of this writing.

Admin Color Schemes

The Admin Color Schemes plugin brings some personality to your WordPress site with 8 new extra admin color schemes. If you want to add some fun and pizzazz to your WordPress backend for that not so formal look, check out this cool plugin to create the color scheme that matches your personality.

WordPress Importer

The WordPress Importer plugin will import the following content from a WordPress export file: posts, pages and other custom post types, comments, custom fields and post meta, categories, tags and terms from custom taxonomies, authors, etc. The importer also has a couple of filters to allow you to completely enable/block certain features. Take note though that if your exported file is very large, the import script may run into your host’s configured memory limit for PHP.

Debug Bar

The Debug Bar plugin adds a debug menu to the admin bar that shows query, cache, and other helpful debugging information. This plugin is a must for WordPress developers. This plugin tracks PHP Warnings and Notices to make them easier to find when WP_DEBUG is enabled, and mysql queries are tracked and displayed when SAVEQUERIES is enabled. This plugin is extremely helpful for theme and plugin developers, just make sure that plugin is installed correctly.

WordPress Front-end Editor

The WordPress Front Editor plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows you to navigate between the front and back end where you can access more advanced options such as custom fields, edit content, etc. This plugin is still in the development stage.

WordPress Front Editor

The WordPress Front Editor plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows you to navigate between the front and back end where you can access more advanced options such as custom fields, edit content, etc. This plugin is still in the development stage.

Tumblr Importer

The Tumblr Importer plugin allows you to import posts, drafts, and pages including media side loading (for audio, video, and image posts) from a Tumblr blog into a WordPress blog. It correctly handles, post formats, does background importing, and will not create duplicate imported posts.

Blogger Importer

The Blogger Importer plugin allows you to import posts (published, scheduled, and draft, comments, and categories (blogger tags) from a Blogger blog then migrates authors to WordPress users.

Is Your WordPress Site A Target For Hackers?

published on March 7, 2014

Online security is a priority website owners should take seriously. How many of us use the same password not only for multiple sites but for other personal information like bank accounts, billings, credit cards, etc.? General website information is available via Whois.com and displays information such as your email address. To the determined hacker, this single piece of information could lead to a chain of personal information tracking and could lead to more devastating consequences aside from identity theft. The epic hacking of Wired’s Senior Writer, Mat Honan, that dissolved his digital life is a reality check that whatever goes online (and even offline) can disappear in a matter of seconds.

Another security challenge is having multiple authors and contributors to your WordPress website. Granting access to users should be managed with a built-in authentication system to filter out unauthorized or unregistered users from accessing not only your resources but also premium information not open to the public. Installing necessary precautions and different levels of security checks can be helpful in creating deterrents to possible security hacks.

Here are some useful tools you can use to protect your site from being compromised.

LastPass – PassWord Manager

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Download and setup is easy and can be done in minutes. Once you’ve created your account, LastPass prompts you to save new sites as you browse – so you’ll never lose another password. After saving a website’s username and password, LastPass will autofill the login when you return to that site. No thought, no typing, no work required – LastPass does it for you. LastPass allows you to share access to multiple users securely. This security tool also helps you address other password management concerns and security threats like keylogging, etc.

UpDraftPlus – WordPress Backup

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. Backup into the cloud (Amazon S3 (or compatible), Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and email) and restore with a single click. Key features include: Site duplicator/migrator: can copy sites, and (with add-on) move them to new locations; backups of files and database can have separate schedules; large sites can be split into multiple archives; database backups can be encrypted for security; and download backup archives direct from your WordPress dashboard, among many.

Clef – 2 Step Authentication Mobile App

Clef is a free replacement for usernames and passwords that makes logging into your WordPress site easier and more secure. It is a mobile app that replaces usernames and passwords using your smartphone. This security tool lets any site recognize their users based on their phones, instead of anything they have to remember or type. Clef puts secure cryptography in the hands of every user and frees you from having to remember any passwords. Once you sign in to one WordPress site using Clef, you can sign into all of your Clef-enabled sites with a single click. And once you sign out of the app on your phone, you are automatically signed out of all your WordPress sites.

Google Authenticator – WordPress Plugin

The Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress gives you two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry. You may already have the Google Authenticator app installed on your smartphone, using it for two-factor authentication on Gmail, Dropbox, Lastpass, Amazon etc. The two-factor authentication requirement can be enabled on a per-user basis. You could enable it for your administrator account, but log in as usual with less privileged accounts. It also works on WordPress installations that have several users aseach user has his own Google Authenticator settings.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

The All In One WordPress Security plugin is a comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site. It reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques. This plugin uses an unprecedented security points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site based on the security features you have activated. Protect against “Brute Force Login Attack” with the Login Lockdown feature. Users with a certain IP address or range will be locked out of the system for a predetermined amount of time based on the configuration settings and you can also choose to be notified via email whenever somebody gets locked out due to too many login attempts. Monitor/View the account activity of all user accounts on your system by keeping track of the username, IP address, login date/time, and logout date/time.

As always, check for compatibility before installing any plugin or tool. And don’t forget to backup your site as well.

Mobile World Congress 2014 – Mark Zuckerberg

published on March 5, 2014

It’s been an exciting week for those in the mobile industry. Exciting news announced during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain included Mozilla’s $25 Firefox phone, Nokia goes Android, Samsung’s smart watch and the future of wearable devices, etc. and many others.

One of the highlights of that conference was the keynote address of Mark Zuckerberg regarding WhatsApp and Internet.org. Facebook is the largest communication service existing today, growing from 9 million to 1.2 billion users today and the Facebook CEO’s high profile presence in the Mobile World Congress event signaled the company’s growing influence in the mobile industry.

Coming out in a low-key shirt and jeans getup, Zuckerberg shared his long term vision and very aspirational address that explained the reasons behind several of the recent business decisions and acquisitions his company has made. Here’s what he said during the event.

  • WhatsApp is a great fit for us. It’s on a path to connecting more than a billion people and there are very few services in the world that can reach that level.
  • The vision of internet.org is – the shared goal to help connect everyone in the world.
  • Most people in the world don’t have access to the internet at all. It’s only a third that have access to the internet.
  • The most expensive part of connecting to the internet is not the smartphone. It’s the data connection.
  • After Facebook reached the milestone of helping to connect a billion people, what problem in the world can we try to help solve next?
  • Our vision isn’t to try to connect 1/7 of the world. It’s to try to connect everyone. In order to do that, we need to form these partnerships because no one company can change the way that the internet works by itself
  • Access to the internet means access to: basic services like basic health conditions, education materials, information to bring people out of poverty.
  • Internet.org is a partnership, an industry coalition working together to deliver an efficient internet so that anyone in the world can get access to services for a really affordable price or free for basic services
  • More than 80% of the people in the world live or already live in an area where they have 2G or 3G access. The goal of internet.org is to create an on-ramp to the internet. We want to create a dial tone for the internet.
  • There is a set of basic services that we think should exist: messaging, weather, food prices, basic search, basic social networking, 911 for the internet. These are all text-based, low-bandwidth, cheap to serve and represent a reasonable business proposition. Messaging and social networking are also portals to more content.
  • This is no longer theoretical. In the Philippines – we’ve been working with Globe -we’ve seen the number of people using internet has doubled and Globe subscribers have grown 25%. We’ve partnered with them delivering basic services like Facebook and messaging, and upsells.
  • This gives people a rationale on why they should spend their money on the internet (bundled with their subscriptions).
  • We want to push this to see if this model works.

“I believe in this because this is why I started Facebook – the vision that someday, someone should try to help connect everyone in the world. After reaching a billion users, there’s got to be something bigger. I believe that this is an important thing. Even if I think we’re going to lose money on this for quite a while. If we do something that’s good for the world, then eventually, we’ll find a way to benefit from that in some way. ” – Zuckerberg