Daily Score 7-24

written by BlogEx on July 24, 2007 in Blogging with 2 comments

Today was my first day using the blog scoring system I highlighted yesterday and I must say, I’m pretty pleased. When I sat down to score things up I was 3 points short of my daily goal of 50 points. My first thought was “Oh well, that leaves room for improvement.” Then my competitive nature kicked in and I forced myself to sit down and write another post to put me 2 points over. I could have undone the change I made to the values (lowered the value of commenting on my own blog) but just like cheating in golf, even if no one else would have known, I would have known. (Sometimes that accountability thing really is annoying). And, looking back at it, that’s exactly what I’m hoping it will do for me. As I’ve discussed before, I sometimes struggle to create quality content when I’m not “in the mood” to write. So, while there will be some days that I rack up 75 points or more, I’m hoping to avoid having many 30 or 40 point days. I’m including a screen shot below so you can get an idea what my spreadsheet looked like.

Daily Blog Score 7-24

How’d you do? Do you use this or a similar scoring system? If you so, what kind of experiences have you had with it? Does it help motivate you? What kind of tweaks or changes have you made to your scoring system?