WordPress Plugins for Front End Content Management

As the internet continues its path towards building stronger online communities, greater interconnectivity and increased social networking, website owners are opening up their doors to accepting content contributions from their audiences. To address the issue of privacy and confidentiality, some plugin developers have come up with front-end solutions to enable website owners to accommodate contributions from the community without compromising their backend controls.

Here are some useful plugins you can use to put everything you need for posting, editing, and uploading content on the front-end.

Front-End Editor by Scribu

Front-end Editor is a plugin that allows you to edit your content directly from the front end of your site. This comes in really useful when all you need is just to correct a typo or something you overlooked.

Front-End Uploader

This plugin is useful if you have multiple contributors to your site because this plugin allows them to generate content and easily upload it right on the frontend of your website. Essentially, the plugin is a customizable upload form that adds files with allowed MIME-type to your WordPress Media Library under a special tab “Manage UGC”. There you can moderate your user submissions – whether to: Approve, Delete, or Re-attach to other post/page/custom-post-type before they are officially published.

Frontend Checklist

Create HTML or PDF checklists your visitors can save or print anytime they come back to your site. These lists are saved via cookies which enables visitors to continue using the checklist where they left off when they re-visit your site.

MarketPress FrontEnd

MarketPress Frontend is a powerful ecommerce plugin that can be used to set up a stylish online store easily. This WPMU Dev created plugin can help you: manage orders, create and edit products, product tags, and categories, set up store settings such as shipping, payment gateways, and coupons, all through the front end. This means that all your confidential dashboard information will be hidden away from sellers or other users who don’t need to see all that information.

FV Community News

Need more content but challenged? This plugin allows users to contribute articles while still maintaining full control over what gets published.

With this Community News plugin you allow your visitors to add fresh or related content to your blog. This plugin comes with a moderation panel and a settings page including support for custom post types, images, widgets, and shortcodes. You can simply sit back and relax knowing that your blog will have a continuous supply of fresh content.

Just make sure that the plugins are compatible with your current WordPress version before you install any of them.

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