What Will Be The Biggest WordPress Theme Trend in 2013?

Web design is not a stand alone activity. It is affected by several factors like technology trends, business trends, market trends, and consumer behaviour. It takes a studied effort in order to intelligently and accurately “predict” what the market wants in the future. No one can claim to make 100% accurate predictions but by taking stock of what goes on not just in the web design industry but in the related industries that affect it as well we can somehow make calculated “guesses” as to what trends may happen in the near future.

Here are some of our predictions on what’s currently hot and what will continue to be hot up to the early portion of 2013:

  1. Mobile Driven – WordPress themes will continue to be responsive, adaptive, fluid. Older but still popular themes will come out with mobile-friendly versions.
  2. HTML5 and CSS3 – Stricter adherence to W3C Valid code and significant decrease if not obsolescence of Flash.
  3. Simplified and uncluttered call to action buttons per page – Simple, minimal and uncluttered themes with lesser number of buttons to click.
  4. Big Typography – Big, bold and readable fonts.
  5. Single Web Page Design – Infinite scrolling (parallax style).
  6. Authentically Digital – Windows 8 style graphics (less shiny, more flat).
  7. Simplified front end customization – Backend customizations will move to the front making it easier to preview specific customization choices.
  8. Social Media Management – Integrating social media into the WordPress design template (Instagram, Pinterest, Dribble streams etc).
  9. Modular Template Layouts – More drag and drop options with less coding required for customization.
  10. Adaptive to new SEO trends – WordPress Themes will be adaptive to new SEO trends like Voice search, mobile search, humanized ranking, social media factors, etc.

If you a WordPress professional or developer, what emerging trends do you foresee in 2013? Share your thoughts. We want to know what you think.

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