Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme – Get It Here!

Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme

If you haven’t already heard, Automattic is set to release the Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme with their 3.5 update. There has been some anticipation for a while as to when the fine folks at WordPress would release their Theme for 2012 since the year is quickly ending. Well…while it’s not “officially” released yet, we are pleased to present you with a download of the Twenty Twelve Theme.

Twenty Twelve Theme

There are a lot of really slick features, and if you are a fan of clean and minimal lines — we think you’ll really enjoy this Theme. More details are sure to be coming soon from WordPress. If you’d like to start messing with the Theme, we’ve made it available here. Keep in mind that WordPress may change one or two things before their official release of Twenty Twelve, but for those of you who simply can’t wait you can download it here – all 78K of it 🙂


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