Themes Town: A MUST SEE For Anyone Who Uses WordPress

A site in the WordPress Themes space has recently launched that is pretty amazing. Not only from a product standpoint, but also due to the creativity of their website. Let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Themes Town?

Their homepage starts with an interesting statement…“Imagine never having to buy another WordPress Theme ever again?”

Themes Town

From there they take you on this very creative journey showing how they have pre-screened thousands of free WordPress Themes to list the only the best of the best (around 160 as of the writing of this article). On top of that they release a new premium Theme each month to their members. This is a pretty unique concept as finding good free Themes is not necessarily hard, it’s knowing whether they are actually free of malicious code and developed well that is the concern. Themes Town does all the research then organizes everything in a pretty cool members area.

According to the Themes Town site:

(We) have taken the world of WordPress and condensed it down to an amazing member’s area that is chalked full of the latest and greatest themes and plugins. Each has been painstakingly reviewed by our team to be of the highest quality, free to download, and ready to use right away. It is our goal to make your job as easy as point, demo, download, and use.

Creative Site

Given that we are a web design site, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends in web development. In this instance, we were very impressed by the totally responsive layout that Themes Town created. Navigating the site was like reading a story (by clicking next at the bottom right of each page when you were ready to go to the next), and everything stayed above the fold. Note the black arrows on the left/right at the bottom – simply click there to navigate around.


Another cool feature was the cloud “drawer” at the top. At any point along the way, you could click the plus button in the upper right hand side to have the clouds expand to present some simple navigation and the Join Button.


The site also looks great on tablets and mobile phones with it being touch enabled (so you can swipe your way through the different pages when on a mobile/tablet device). All in all, this is a truly creative web design!

Members Area

Upon joining, you are instantly taken to this very cool looking members area where all of the Themes are listed in one central place. Notice the different categories on the left hand side. As you click them, the Themes automatically sort themselves based on the category you selected. You can pick as many categories as you’d like and have the Themes instantly sorted.

Themes Town - Member Area

And this is really what is wonderful about the Themes Town product. Every week their team analyzes free WordPress Themes to list here. If they meet their strict criteria for approval, they are listed for their member’s to demo and download. In addition (if that weren’t great enough already), they create at least one new premium theme each month and make it available on the “Premium” tab of the image you see above. They do all of this for just $39 with no recurring billing or future charges. This is an amazing deal, and something that everyone who does anything with WordPress should check out. For an extra $16 (one time) you can also have access to a pre-screened list of many of the top Plugins. Similar to the Themes, each Plugin has been reviewed by their team and ready for your instant download.

All in all, Themes Town has done a really nice job creating a product for those of us who love WordPress but don’t have the time or maybe even expertise to sort through the thousands and thousands of different Themes out there to find the best.

Head on over to their site and check it out for yourself.