Save the Date! May 27, 2013 – A WorldWide WordPress Party

WordPress fans rejoice! WordPress is throwing a party this May 27, 2013 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first WordPress release AND you are all invited. This 24-hr worldwide celebration is powered by Meetup Everywhere and currently lists participants from over 200+ WordPress communities all around the globe.

Interested groups can register with Meetup, pick a place to meet (any place is the perfect place as long as there’s food, drinks, and cake!), invite other interested parties (tech guys, newbies, oldies, and WordPress fanatics) to join the event, and simply hangout with the rest of the world wide WordPress web. If your group reaches 50 or more, you might even get to receive cool WordPress freebies like stickers, buttons, and collectible swag packages. Commemorative 10th anniversary t-shirts are also available for purchase in the swag store. Grab yours today.

Photos, tweets, shoutouts, videos, and posts from all the parties will also be collected and posted on a website specifically for this event. For those waxing nostalgic, maybe you can share old WordPress memorabilia or interesting trivia and experiences you’ve had using WordPress, or even start a blogging marathon till the big day. Will your group be the biggest? the most creative? the most fun? There’s still time to get it together before the party gets started on May 27.

Don’t forget the hashtag! #wp10

Note from WordPress: If you already run a group on, making your party an event in your group is great, but you still need to post it and have people RSVP at the special party page, because regular groups and Meetup Everywhere groups aren’t connected yet.

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