Rules of Engagement – Writing to Engage your Audience

Content is the lifeblood of the information age and attracting the audience you want is only a result of the content you provide. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The popularity of your blog is highly dependent on the quality of “pudding” you provide.

Below is a list of articles that may be helpful to those who want their content to be more engaging:

8 Great Blog Writing Ideas for Engaging Content (Amanda diSilvestro)

This article outlines ways to engage the audience based on the premise that people comment in order to disagree. This writing style should involve a good understanding of the audience and a deliberate introduction of controversy into the post. The post usually ends with a question and begins with a question.

5 writing tips for engaging your blog audience (Laryssa Wirstiuk)

To engage your audience, your post has to be written such that narrations are as concrete and specific as possible. This appeals to an audience that has itching ears for a beautiful story. In addition, writing has to be in conversational-dialog fashion, as opposed to a monologue or lecture. It incorporates the use of thought provoking quotes, good transitions and appropriate multimedia.

How to write engaging blogs people want to read – (Beanstalk, Inc.)

People go to the internet primarily to seek information, to find meaning or engage in a dialogue rather than to be lectured upon. A good blogger must be aware of this and must address his/her audience directly. Writing must be active and made up of shorter sentences to sustain reader interest. The general objective is to help out a “neighbor” seeking information rather than to write a self-absorbed literary soliloquy.

How to write great blog content @Problogger

Sometimes all you need to start is a finger to point you in the right direction. This is a great resource shares different resources on how to: get started writing, explore different writing techniques, establish your own writing workflow, find and sustain your motivation, and make your blog stand out by following basic content creation principles.

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