Innovative WordPress 3.8!

WordPress 3.8 Parker is here and it’s right on time! This latest release, named after bebop innovator Charles Parker, sports a sleek new dashboard and an overhauled admin panel, the default panel of which is reminiscent of Photoshop and Lightroom interfaces but with additional schemes that add a more colorful twist to it. Aiming for simple, clean, and uncluttered aesthetics and functionality, WordPress 3.8 addresses the needs of the modern website – responsive and friendly to all types of devices.

Major Features Include:

  • A fresh, modern, uncluttered admin design – clean typography, large and comfortable type, responsive interface
  • simpler, smoother, click-to-add widget management with improved drag and drop experience
  • new default responsive magazine theme – 2014
  • 8 new admin color schemes to match your style
  • refined theme management
  • updated extended libraries
  • better RTL support
  • responsive toolbars
  • improved menus experience for mobile users

Not only has this version improved its overall design and functionality but it has also improved in speed with its high-definition vector-based icons that scale to your screen size. Sharper and lighter pixels loading significantly faster.

These new features have been in the works for several months since 3.6 was announced and 3.9 is probably churning even as this release is still hot off the press. More exciting things to expect from WordPress in 2014, but in the meantime, grab your copy of WP 3.8 and enjoy the beautiful new look.

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