Elegant Themes Has Over 160,000 Customers! Time To Join.

In a span of 6 months, Elegant Themes’ customer base grew from 120,000+ to over 160,000. That’s more or less a 30% jump and quite an achievement really. Something right must be happening and this is great news for the WordPress community. On a macro scale, this means that more websites are being powered by WordPress and are enjoying the variety of designs available in the WordPress marketplace as well as the robust functionalities of this ever improving content management system. On the micro level, more WordPress consumers, particularly Elegant Themes customers, are enjoying more quality WordPress themes at incredible bargain prices. If you are member of Elegant Themes this means that you are enjoying 80 (latest count) high quality WordPress themes for pennies!

If you are a WordPress professional and you’ve been scouting around the WordPress marketplace for quality themes, check out Elegant Themes and the great value you can get at a price for less than a cup of Caffe Americano. If you are simply a WordPress user, think of the many ways you can dress up your site (80 themes and counting) to fit your every mood.

What’s so great about Elegant Themes? Consistency. Through all the years that they have been in business, in the middle of ups and downs, redesigns, and all the normal and abnormal challenges all businesses face, Elegant Themes has been consistent. As far as quality of design, commitment to improve, and sensitivity to their customer base are concerned, Elegant Themes has been consistent. This communicates longevity and stability which are important to consumers, especially loyal ones.

When is the best time to join Elegant Themes? Now is the best time to take advantage of Elegant Themes’ current pricing scheme. The current price has remained the same since 2010 when it rose to the present $39 rate. As far as design quality is concerned, it is still one of the best WordPress deals on the web. For those of you who are on the fence or still contemplating whether to join or not, now is the best time to join. Why? A little birdy told us that this pricing scheme may change pretty soon. Maybe you can skip the Caffe Americano for now while this price scheme is still hot. Head on out and check Elegant Themes today.

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