Elegant Themes’ Blog Kicks It Into Overdrive

If you haven’t noticed, Elegant Themes has been working overtime and has been creating fresh, almost daily content on its blog. Not that it has not been publishing content regularly, but there seems to be a stronger push towards coming up with fresh new articles for its regular subscribers.

More than the usual new WordPress theme announcements and the free weekly downloadable templates, icons, and other resources, Elegant Themes has also been churning out feature articles from guest bloggers. As a result, you get a feeling of anticipation and excitement as each new article comes out. Each post is cleverly interspersed with colorful and engaging graphics that keep you attentive all the way down to the comments.

Here are some of the noteworthy articles you might want to check out:

At the rate Elegant Themes is going, we can look forward to more new and exciting things in the future, especially as they push towards providing their subscribers with excellent content regularly.


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