Authority Blogging with Tim Young and Eric Prelic

Authority Blogging Defined

Authority blogging is a deliberate effort to publish quality content with the goal of establishing credibility, expertise, and authority over a specific area or topic whether by single or multiple author(s)/blogger(s) with the objective of growing, influencing, and filling the needs of, and expanding a niche fan/user base.


  • the power to influence others, esp. because of one’s commanding manner or one’s recognized knowledge about something
  • the confidence resulting from personal expertise
  • a person with extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject; an expert

Here are some of authority blogging highlights shared by Tim Young and Eric Prelic during one of the breakout sessions at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2013 held early this year:

  • Great writing doesn’t happen overnight
  • Preparation is key
  • Learn, test, and retest
  • Be ready to evolve
  • Writing isn’t everything, it is the product of everything.
  • Gain as much knowledge as you can and check nonstop what is working on the web.
  • Check out what topics are trending, how it applies to your business, and write about it from your perspective or point of view
  • Be original. Don’t steal photos, rip off someone else’s blog, or claim content as your own.
  • Be on the lookout for new and potential writers, authors, bloggers, and influencers. Be open to guest bloggers who can write for you.
  • Be Personal. Use personal pronouns “you, your, me, my, etc.”
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • For WordPress users: Install Jetpack and monitor stats, metrics, trends, traffic data. See what your readers are responding to and don’t be afraid to junk what’s not working
  • Maximize social media efforts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Check your website’s load time

Be entertaining. Having a strong opinion may attract enemies but it also drives traffic and creates an audience. Don’t be afraid to attract enemies.

Blogging is currently one of the best sources of free traffic and is one of the fastest ways to grow readership on a specific subject. Publishing good content establishes your “expertise” in your chosen genre. This quality content signals Google to send you traffic which further establishes your blog authority which translates to increased web traffic which can be funneled and converted into an email subscriber base later on.

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