30 Realistic and Inspirational 3D Artworks 2013

Some people believe that genius is something intrinsic, something inherent within a man and genius cannot be taught. You cannot be trained to become a genius. For e.g. you cannot be trained to paint like Da Vinci. Although this notion is true but some people take it far too seriously. Some students skip classes because they think that traditional education will tamper with their natural instincts. Others try to start a business without reading a single business book. Of course these people are flawed in their thinking. Albert Einstein once said – “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” So you see success has two parts. One is learning the rules of the game and the other one is playing better than others. This former aspect, learning the rules of your trade, can be trained and taught.

Below I have collected 30 artworks for those artists who want to learn the rules of art. These artworks are not genre specific. They vary from the children’s comic character The Incredible Hulk to the portrait of a simple innocent girl, from the picture of a super hero to Ibn Tulun Mosque. So scroll down and enjoy.

1. The Lord of Samarkand

Fourth book cover for Robert Howard series.


2. The Incredible Hulk

With the new Hulk movie coming out I wanted to do my own version of the Hulk. It proved to be pretty hard to model something with that much mass and still keep him looking human.That said, I had great fun making him_Jonas Thornqvist.


3. Tommy Lee Jones


4. It comes a time of death

This image was inspired by Rundelords book series.


5. Philthy Rich

Here goes a 3D image from a project that I have made for Janese Tyree from Photo Doctor Graphics. This is not the image that was prepared for the album cover, but a personal variation in the form of a portrait. I hope you like it!


6. Jeff Miller


7. Metamorphosis


8. Xanavi Nismo


9. Super Hero


10. Corpus delicti Art book cover Page

The cover of my future art book, available on November and published by CFSL.


11. Poster Tropical


12. Young Girl

Hi, Here is my latest work. This model is a girl who is 3d.sk’s Petra. The base mesh was sculpted Zbrush. The final mesh modeled 3dsMax,textured with Photoshop,Rendered on Mental ray,and Hair&fur for the hair.


13. Armored Gorilla

Software used=Zbrush and Photoshop.


14. Middle Eye


15. Rage


16. Earth Day

Earth comprises of well earth first of all, water, animals, plants, humans, clouds, everything that contributes to it, or pollutes it. I wanted to incorporate the text as in to make is symbolically represent earth and a portion of the beautiful stuff that makes it what it is.


17. Hallway


18. Gandalf


19. Arnold Schwarzenegger


20. Beauty Nun


21. Flower Messenger

Flower messenger is my 5th finished work, 3rd after school. She is based on Liu Yifei, a young chinese actress. I started the project sometime around the end of October of 2006, spent five months on it. I used Xsi for modeling, Photoshop for texturing and final correction.


22. Hill Billy


23. Pu Yi

The modeling has been made in CINEMA 4D R9, same about the rendering. All the textures are 100% hand painted with BODYPAINT 3D R2, 3k square resolution, the fur is Shave&Haircut.


24. Stay Green Go Red


25. Heritage


26. Brute


27. Old Man

A personal project, to learn detail sculpting in zbrush, shave and 3Dcoat for retopo, UV, texturing_Teh Gene Erh.


28. Pirates come

Software’s used to make this portrait are Light wave 3D, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush.


29. Pan troglodytes

Hi everyone! This is my latest artwork.Pan troglodytes is a kind of animal mostly close to human beings. I intended to make a little sad Pan troglodytes this time,he looks camera peacefully but with impressive eyes_Jian Xu.


30. Ibn Tulun Mosque

The Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun is located in Cairo, Egypt. It is arguably the oldest mosque in the city surviving in its original form, and is the largest mosque in Cairo in terms of land area.


All the above images were made with the help of 3D software’s. I hope you liked them and I hope you would have learnt some tricks to apply in your own photos. Do leave a comment below to let me know what you think.