30 Inspirational Non-Profit WordPress Themes 2013

Amongst all the civilized life of shopping malls and movie lexes we must not forget that there are parts in this world whose inhabitants don’t get even the basic necessities of life like food and water. Innocents get killed everyday in calamities like bomb blasts, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Children are out of schools as their parents cannot pay for their education. People die even from minor curable diseases merely because they didn’t have the money to see a doctor. The situation is far more serious than what I can describe in a few sentences. The statement that I wish to make is that we should care about others and should donate generously to non-profit organizations that are trying to help those in need.

Perhaps the following collection of 30 WordPress themes, designed especially for the non-profits may make a small contribution in making the world a better place.

Of course different niches have different site design requirements. A social networking site should look and behave in a completely different way than what a gaming site should look like. Special care and attention was devoted to the following templates so that they craft out into a good and clean look, which is what is required for non-profit organizations.

Some of the templates below are without charge but due to certain restrictions we can’t just giveaway everything absolutely free, although we would have loved to. Hence we have charged a nominal amount in the remaining templates. Scroll down and take a look.

1. Simple Non-Profit WordPress Theme (Free)

With this free WordPress theme any non-profit organization can have an professional looking website. It includes features to showcase your programs and events, and several elements are easily customizable. Organizations with limited budgets can present a professional image with this WordPress theme.


Demo & Download

2. Minimal Non-Profit WordPress Theme (Free)

This free WordPress theme was created with non-profit organizations in mind. The homepage includes a slider that allows you to feature the various programs or services of the organization, plus a place to show recent organization news headlines.


Demo & Download

3. Foundation (Free)

Foundation is an easy yet powerful theme designed to effectively showcase your non-profit organization. Feature packed, and donate ready.


Demo & Download

4. Non Profit Theme ($69)

The Non Profit Theme is a well built business theme that was created with non-profit and environmentally conscious businesses in mind. The theme contains a featured content slider capable of displaying images or video, several widget zed areas, and a tabbed content section on the home page. If you’re in need of a professional website that appeals to the non-profit and environmentally conscious crowd, this is the theme you’ve been looking for.


Demo & Download

5. Charity Theme ($50)

A powerful, easy-to-use CMS WordPress theme aimed at making life easy for charities and non-profits to get up and running in a snap.


Demo & Download

6. Earth ($50)

Earth is a premium WordPress theme created with Environmental/Eco-Friendly websites in mind. It’s the perfect solution for all types of business and non-profit organizations that want to add an earthy touch to their online presence.


Demo & Download

7. WordPress Aid ($45)

WordPress Aid is ideal for charity organizations. It’s focused on raising funds for your charity and alerting visitors to important issues happening in the world.


Demo & Download

8. Born ($45)

Born is a Church WordPress Theme aimed at making your new church website the best one on the block! Feel free to send me feature requests if you feel I’ve missed something!


Demo & Download

9. Hope Full ($50)

Hopeful is an elegant yet powerful feature-rich non-profit theme. Build a beautiful ultra functional non-profit website in no time.


Demo & Download

10. Light of Peace ($40)

This is a church theme WordPress Template. Some people use it for wedding and non-profit website. There are four color scheme included in this template. This wordpress theme also has an admin panel.


Demo & Download

11. WordPress Church ($40)

The Original church-themed WordPress template.


Demo & Download

12. Ray of Light ($40)

Ray Of Light is great looking Religious Movements and Church theme that is also very feature rich and customizable.


Demo & Download

13. Rebirth ($45)

Rebirth is a Church WordPress Theme aimed at making your new church website stand out of the crowd!


Demo & Download

14. Bhinneka ($45)

Bhinneka is a responsive WordPress theme with two-column page layouts, slideshow support, three alternative styles, widgets and drop down menus. Perfect for non-profit organization, charity, or corporate websites.


Demo & Download

15. Green Earth ($50)

Green Earth is a non-profit WordPress theme. It’s really well designed to best fit the business and non-profit organization that need environmental style. It comes with a new feature ‘Custom Slider’ which allow you to manage sliders on the fly.


Demo & Download

16. Organic Web ($40)

Support for all our themes and templates is conducted through the Calibri Interactive support forum only. Grab your Item Purchase Code and your envato user name and get as much support as you need!


Demo & Download

17. Politic ($55)

Politic is meant to make you look good, professional and make you stand out as a trusted candidate for the people. This theme is definitely fast, with a rating of 87/100 on Google Page speed, which is just a proof of the fact that this theme is also SEO optimized.


Demo & Download

18. Outreach ($40)

Outreach is a theme that’s made with non-profits and charity organizations in mind. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin to collect names and emails of your supporters and The Events Calendar plugin to display all of your upcoming events. There’s also an easy to set up donation button in the header. Outreach is also responsive and Retina Display ready. Your iPad website has never looked so good.


Demo & Download

19. Accende ($45)

The Accende WordPress Church Theme is a powerful theme developed especially for church and spiritual websites, but due to the large number of custom features, it can be used as well for Artist Portfolios and even Business Websites.


Demo & Download

20. Risen ($45)

The Risen church theme was designed to be responsive. In other words, it is mobile-friendly and will adapt itself to fit comfortably on devices with small screens such as phones and tablets. Scan the QR code below with your mobile device for a live demonstration.


Demo & Download

22. Saving Grace ($70)

Saving Grace is a theme specifically for charities & non-profit organizations. Designed by Matthew Smith, the theme features stunning typography and attention to detail. We’ve also included donation functionality so you can accept donations through PayPal and let visitors see the progress of donations in the theme.


Demo & Download

23. Foundation ($45)

Foundation is a rock solid theme for WordPress. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of non-profit organizations both large and small.


Demo & Download

24. Curator Theme ($45)

Curator is a professional WordPress theme for photographers and artists. It has been designed from the ground up to give you an attractive portfolio that is easy to manage as well as vital tools to enhance your business.


Demo & Download

25. Authentic Church Theme ($45)

Authentic Church is a hand-crafted theme for WordPress designed to serve churches. We’ve included some great features to help churches both large and small get the most out of their websites.


Demo & Download

26. Modest WordPress Theme ($39)

Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice character or style. With this theme I really wanted to strip down all extraneous detail and give people some lightweight and pure. It was hard to resist my natural instinct to add additional design elements, but I think this exercise in restraint has yielded a theme that will serve many people well.


Demo & Download

27. Wisdom Of Life ($45)

WISDOM of Life, it’s a clean and elegant theme, developed mainly to setup NGOs, non-profit organizations and corporate websites. Using the color scheme of your choice by using color picker make it elegant and high visual impact experience. This theme is best suitable for a small to large NGO Organizations to setup reference website.


Demo & Download

28. Charity Center ($60)

Charity blog template with a professional clean cut theme. The sidebar has a rainbow of background colors with white text. Posts have white backgrounds with black text. The header has a person holding a small globe in their hands with a light heart around it.


Demo & Download

29. WordPress Politico

The premier political theme on Themeforest! WordPress Politico is ideal for political campaign sites. The slideshow is great for drawing attention to important issues or promoting a candidate into office.


Demo & Download

30. Charity ($55)

Charity blog template with a professional clean cut theme. The sidebar has a rainbow of background colors with white text. Posts have white backgrounds with black text. The header has a person holding a small globe in their hands with a light heart around it.


Demo & Download

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about the above collection of WordPress templates.

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