10 Inspirational Typography Plugins for WordPress

Believe it or not – typography or the way you present your text and media on your website – plays a crucial role in building your brand name. Did you know? There are books comprising thousands of pages that teach you how to use a consistent typographical style on your publications. Such as well as “Style Guides” like The Chicago Manual of Style, The MLA Style Manual, Hart’s Rules or The Oxford Guide to Style, etc. Different organizations use different style guides and apply them on their publications in order to achieve consistency throughout the text. If a person who has been reading The Guardian for several months will be asked to identify the paper amongst a collection of many other papers such that the name of the publication is hidden from view, he will have little or no difficulty in identifying it. This is because The Guardian, just like all other standard newspapers, use a specific set of fonts, a specific indentation, a specific line gap, etc. in its publications. Such things help create an authority and reinforce the brand name.

It is not necessary that you follow the standard guides for your publication. If you want you can create your own set of style rules or mix some of your own personal tastes with any standard style manual. Whatever you decide, to help you in your endeavor I present you with 10 inspirational typography plug-ins for WordPress. Some are free while some others cost a nominal amount.

1. WP Typography (FREE)

Wp-Typography can easily be ported to any other PHP based content management system. A sister project — PHP Typography assembles all typographic functionality (without any WordPress specific code) in an object oriented format that is ready for WordPress independent use.


Demo & Download

2. Simple Pull Quote (FREE)

Simple Pull Quote WordPress Plugin provides an easy way for you to insert pull quotes into your posts and pages. It adds an easy-to-use “Pull quote” button to both the HTML and TinyMCE editors.


Demo & Download

3. Any Font (FREE)

Any Font allows you to automatically set any custom TrueType or Open Type font absolutely anywhere you want on your WordPress site.


Demo & Download

4. WP Google Fonts (FREE)

Google’s free font directory is one of the most exciting developments in web typography in a very long time. The amazing rise of this new font resource has made this plugin the most popular font plugin on WordPress and it shows no signs of stopping. While font plugin solutions like Fontburner.com have helped bring rich typography to WordPress themes, the selection of fonts easily available to the average blogger have been limited.


Demo & Download

5. The TTF Titles WordPress Plugin (FREE)

This plugin lets you use images to replace the titles of your posts, thus circumventing the problem of guessing what fonts your end-users might have installed.


Demo & Download

6. Options Framework (FREE)

The Options Framework Plugin makes it easy to include an options panel in any WordPress theme. It was built so developers can concentrate on making the actual theme rather than spending time creating an options panel from scratch.


Demo & Download


7. Google Web Fonts for WordPress ($6)

Google Fonts Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access over 200 of Google’s Web Fonts with power and ease. You can take full control over the font and typography used on your site in a matter of minutes!


Demo & Download

8. WordPress Font Resizer ($5)

Font-Resizer is premium WordPress plug-in that gives your visitors the ability to resize font size on your blog. Font-Resizer can remember your font settings and is fully customizable. It can be integrated in any part/place on your WordPress blog. For more information, check out the FAQ .


Demo & Download

9. FontPress ($15)

Personalize your WordPress website with customized fonts. With FontPress you can do that without putting your hands on any files or writing a line of code. Forget wasting time on editing your CSS or JS files to test a single font, with FontPress it’s all simple and fast.


Demo & Download

10. WordPress Typography Plugin ($15)

WordPress Typography Plugin enables you manage entire typography of your WordPress website. You can modify ANY part of your WordPress website on ANY WordPress theme.


Demo & Download

Which of the above plug-ins you liked the most? Do you use any plug-in for typographical requirements on your WordPress website? Let me know in the comments below.

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