Keyword Research

written by BlogEx on July 5, 2007 in Blog Marketing with 6 comments

Before I get too far into this little experiment, I’ll need to do some keyword research. Of course this comes from my search engine optimization (SEO) background but you don’t have to be an SEO to figure this stuff out. Obviously it will be a while before this site ranks for any search phrases that are even remotely competitive, but by doing due diligence now, I can make sure that when it does begin to rank, it will be for quality terms that will deliver a lot of quality traffic. Hence, keyword research. Now, as I mentioned in the welcome post, the idea behind this site is to get this blog to a place that it generates a full time income. Naturally terms like “make money” or “make money online” or “make money blogging” would be ideal, however, using Wordtracker I can quickly see that I’d be targeting phrases with a LOT of heavy competition.

This is a screen shot of the competition search feature of Wordtracker. The KEI score (keyword effectiveness index) takes into account the number of daily searches a term gets and the number of pages and sites competing for that phrase. As you can (hopefully) see from the image, the higher the score the better. Unfortunately the highest score for any of the 300+ words I searched was 16.379. Of course, when you have power players like John Chow targeting the same phrases, these results certainly aren’t unexpected. As just an interesting side note, Wordtracker puts John’s target phrase of “make money online” at 0.442. I guess that’s why he can call himself a dot com mogul.

Anyway, when you consider the fact that the scores range from 0 to 400+, that score of 16 suggests these terms probably aren’t terms I should expect to compete for yet. However, as I mentioned earlier, I won’t be expecting to see much search engine traffic for a while anyway. So, by laying a groundwork of posts and incoming links to this site, I’ll hopefully be able to compete for those terms once the blog is released from Google’s infamous sandbox. Also, I’ll be targeting other less popular phrases that have slightly less competition. Phrases like “make money blogging”, “earn money blogging”, and “earn money online” are all phrases I’ll likely target. However, as I said earlier, search traffic isn’t what’s going to get this blog up and running. Early on, I’ll be primarily focusing on generating traffic using the different blog networking sites, participating on other blogs, social media sites, and leveraging the blogosphere itself but that’s probably a post for another day.

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