How Do I Make Money Blogging?

written by BlogEx on July 6, 2007 in Make Money Online with 5 comments

One of the biggest questions I see people asking across the web is how to make money from their blog. They can write well enough, they have generated some decent traffic, but now what? How do they take the next step and turn their hobby blog into a site that will make them money? Today, I’m going to address that common question and hopefully point you towards a few options you hadn’t heard of before.

The most prominent money making method for blogs is of course advertising. However, that’s a pretty broad description so I’m going to break it down even further into three of the larger categories.

Contextual Ads:
These are probably the most well known ads on the internet. Google’s vastly popular AdSense is where many bloggers begin and end their site monetization. The ads are easy to register for, easy to set up, and are usually quite targeted to your site’s content. However, you only get paid when someone clicks an ad and unless you have a large amount of traffic, the income earned from the ads might not be what you expect or had hoped for. Other examples of contextual ads are Yahoo Publisher Network, Kontera, and to some extent BidVertiser.

Paid Links:
While these ads are often very similar to contextual ads in appearance, there are a couple of major differences. The first is the method of payment. Unlike contextual ads, the price you’re paid is not determined by the number of click throughs that ad generates. You are paid a set price per agreed upon time period (usually monthly but occasionally weekly or even annually). This price of this link is usually determined by a few different factors often focusing primarily on the PageRank of the pages on which the links will appear. Text link ads can be sold on a case by case basis through arrangements with other webmasters or you can use third party services such as Text Link Ads, Text Link Brokers, and LinkAdage.

Paid Posts:
This is one of the methods I plan on relying upon pretty heavily for this site. Paid posts are just what the name implies. A blogger or website author is paid to post about a specific topic, program, or website. Most of the time these posts come in the form of reviews, but they can also be promotional posts trying to create a buzz about the event, product, or website in question. While these types of paid posts can also be done on a case by case basis, most advertisers and publishers opt for using one of the third party services that are available. PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and SponsoredReveiws are all sites that bring advertisers and publishers together in exchange for a cut of the proceeds. ReviewMe takes 50% of the price of the review, SponsoredReviews takes 35% and PayPerPost does not disclose the cut they take. While I am a big fan of SponsoredReviews simply for the extra 15% I get to keep, each of these services provide quality profit generating opportunities. Best of all, none of the programs have any type of exclusivity conditions so you’re free to join all three and pick and choose the paid posts you’d like to write.

So there you have it, three categories for a total of 9 different programs to help you make money blogging. While there are TONS more if I went into each and every one of them I’d be here forever. Although, that might not be a bad idea for some more posts. Analyze or review each of the different advertising programs etc. That would keep me writing for quite a while. The best advice I can give you though, try and test several different methods. Once you find one that works for you, milk it for all it’s worth.