16+3 Brands You Should Consider For Your Next Startup

written by aext on February 5, 2010 in Graphics with 30 comments

I love branding. I absolutely LOVE branding. Seriously.

I can spend a whole day salvating over brands on Brandstack, LogoPond, LogoMoose, 99designs, and so many others, just wishing that I could startup a business simply to bring the brand to life.  Whether to inspire new brand ideas or to inspire you to build a business for one of these, I present you 16+3 of my favorite brands that should should be brought to life.

This list features brands only from Brandstack (simply because they have an easy way for me to track my favorites).  In future posts, I’ll list some from the other services as well.

1. “Home, Sweet Website” by mradulovic

This logo was originally for a web hosting company but they decided to go with a different logo. I see this logo as either a business offering free websites (along with a simple website creator) or an online real estate website. Maybe some kind of aggregator for listings of homes on the market.

2. “Plue Networks” by idastudios (Domain included)

Man, this is a beautiful logo. From the author’s description: “Pronounced like blue but with a p. This is one of those names thats fun to say and come with a very attractive short domain name.” The domain name included is Plue.net. This could be a huge variety of things. I initially imagined it to be an ISP but it could easily be a great fit for data centers, web hosting, etc.

3. “Chatsip” by nowonly

Chatsip.com is available but is not included in the package. I have been wanting to start my own coworking location, so I was thinking this might be a good brand for that. Could also be a great name for a web app.

4. “WOOF!” by AM (Sold)

Okay, so I guess you can’t really consider this one for your next startup since it’s been sold already. But, this logo is BRILLIANT! I just had to share it. When I see this logo, I imagine a dog jumping up, freezing (Matrix-style) in mid-air, saying a deep-godly “Woof.” and commencing to smash the Frisbee. Am I the only one who day dreams of matrix-dogs?

5. “BBQ notes” by ethereal (Domain included)

I think the author says it best in his description: “This really fun brand could be used for a number avenues including internet related social venues around BBQ and grilling talk (tips, recipes, etc) in the form of a blog, a discussion forum or even ties to retail. A very fun, simple, memorable mark that could work for a number of things – you tell me! And, bbqnotes.com is included in the sale, you’re set!”

6. “BrandTuts” by theinkster (Domain included)

Let me tell you this: If someone starts BrandTuts, I will read every single article (as long as the copy’s good, of course). Included is brandtuts.com. You can’t get better than that!

7. “MICROBA(.com)” by graffex (Sold)

Ya, this one is sold to. But I wanted to place it here because I like how the orb is much more unique than most of the orb logos you see today.

8. “orangeroll” by Veep (Domain included)

Including orangeroll.com, this brand is “sure to be memorable.” I imagine this as some form of web app or framework but the possibilities are really endless.

9. “Airtistic” by Brandevia

From the author’s description: “Airtistic can be used for any industry related to Art, Illustration, Drafting, Graphic Design, Creative Services, etc. It can also be adapted to specialized areas of Aviation. The logo blends the similarities between a pencil and a parachute.” Could be a blog on aviation or a web app similar to Pixlr.com. Just some thoughts.

10. “ProntOrder” by Logoholik (Domain included)

This would be fun. This brand can be used either by a current restaurant (“Olive Garden would like to introduce, ProntOrder! With ProntOrder, you can easily order delivery online!”) or the brand could be a web service allowing people to order delivery from many different restaurants in their local city. (I’d love to have one of those for Hanoi!)

11. “KD” by coy

KD can virtually be for anything. As the author states, “The K and D togeather make up an arrow w/ in the white space. It could be used for a delivery company or anything in motion.” I’m not sure if I would want it for some sort of delivery, since the arrow is going back and not forward (I want my packages to be delivered, not returned) but nevertheless, I like the mark and if applied to the right industry or product, it has great potential.

12. “flashbulb” by NeeDee

I love the simplicity of this brand. And, in fact, I considered this logo as an option for HelloLogic (of course, I’d of had to change the text on the logo to match). The author notes that the logo symbolizes “speed, [and] flashy ideas. Good for some markenting or entertainment brand.”

13. “Sky” by geniuslogo

Hands down, this is one of my absolute favorites. Simple, elegant, and memorable. …And beautiful. …And awesome. I’d seriously love to see this come to life. Any takers?!

14. “Christian Structure” by logoman

Let’s suffice to say that if I had authority in my church, this logo would no longer be available. Talk about great community branding!

15. “Chiliman” by byteandpixel

“Chiliman – is a brand that can be used to restaurant, foods or any other business that are hot and spicy!” (From the description.) Someone should hire this designer and make a fun comic-style marketing campaign for a restaurant or really anything. Or just stick a stick in ’em and sell him to Jeff Dunham as Jose Jalapeño‘s evil step-brother.

16. “mediajuice” by NancyCarterDesign

The author’s description does this brand justice: “Orange and power button lends itself to a wide variety of possible uses: media, entertainment, marketing, computer based training, communications, internet and software development.”

17. “LeafySparrow” by DoubleU! (Domain included)

This simple and effective brand is great for “many industries: Eco-Friendly/Green, Art, Media, Eco Fashion & Apparel, Eco Furniture (Outdoor), Landscaping, cosmetics, spa’s, Travel & Hospitality, etc.”

18. “guavoo” by Veep (Domain included)

Guavoo.com is included with this brand and it is “of course inspired by the guava fruit”. I personally imagine this to be a smoothie shop. I’m a bit biased though: I love smoothies.

19. “allavilla” by nologo

This one peeks my interest because I’ve always wanted to own my own hotel or residence. I think it comes from the hospitable side of me. I love making people feel at home. Anyways: If I was looking at developing either of these any time soon, I would (without any guilt) make this my brand.

What are your thoughts?
Do you agree or disagree?
Did I miss any great ones?
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