Blacklight WordPress Theme Review

published on June 15, 2012 | tagged in:

Did you see that? Did you? In the twinkling of an eye, first it wasn’t and then it was. And you thought it was just one of those ordinary magazine themes again. Ok, let’s try that one more time. Click the Home button on BlackLight’s Demo Page and see what happens. Don’t blink! Brilliant isn’t it? If you caught that split-second moment before the latest posts slid down to reveal the slider images scrolling in sync with the Breaking News ticker above it then you’re pretty sharp. Some people may find it quirky and take the delay as a design flaw but others might totally appreciate this unique “surprise” factor.

So many magazine themes have flooded the market and after a while you get jaded looking at the same features over and over again until something finally catches your eye. This attention to design detail is surely a good sign that BlackLight is more than just an ordinary magazine theme and it surely deserves a double-take. The clean, modern feel doesn’t feel cold or distant. Icons and font choices make it readable and easy on the eye although you could probably change the font color of “Breaking News” to red or some bright color to make it pop off the page even more. Overall, it’s a magazine theme that’s got a good framework with a little oomph to it. Of course you still get all the standard features like:

  • The Advanced Control Panel
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Custom Widgets
  • Localization
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Ad/banner Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

But guess what? Aside from all that, did you know that both single theme users and club members get lifetime support for free? Yes, for free. Club members get lifetime support even when their membership expires. Plus! even if you do just get the Single Theme Package, you get access to not just one theme but you also get access to a (+1) free bonus theme. Two themes for the price of one. Not all theme clubs do that. Try BlackLight Premium WordPress Theme today. You’ll never know what other little surprises you might get.

Blacklight Theme: $39 | Demo & Download
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