Zurker: The Safe and Fun Alternative to Social Networking

written by aext on April 24, 2012 in News and Updates with no comments

Social networks represent today one of the top reasons why people visit the Internet. There are many networks out there that invite people to socialize and discover new friends; however, you have to be fully aware that you are posting an important amount of information about yourself at any time. This means that people whom you do not know could be using your info and that could cause serious worries. If you do not want to go through such things but you are interested in social networking, then you should definitely consider Zurker.

Zurker is one of the newest social networks out there but it definitely presents a series of advantages that you should take into consideration. Because security is one of the most essential elements that matter when it comes to social networking, you have every right to wonder why should Zurker be considered any different. Well, the good news is that once you become a member on Zurker, you are automatically given shares, which means that you will be a co-owner. As a matter of fact, each person who becomes a member on Zurker is also a co-owner of the social network.


Because Zurker is a social network where everyone is a member, this means that there will be no risk for gigantic corporations trying to squeeze a profit out of it. If you have already been a member of other social networks, then you know for certain what it means for every action to be monetized. And if you are tired about such things, then Zurker is right for you. Do not forget that all users are owners of Zurker, so for them it’s not a problem to be part of the network without trying to make a profit. And the more people enter Zurker, the highest chance for success.

While Zurker has its own team of engineers trying to develop applications for its users, it should be noted that each users is expected to come up with his or her own feedback. In this way, it will be easier for you to be satisfied with the way the social network looks and the applications that are offered to you. This freedom offered to you is unbelievable and it is guaranteed that no other owner of a social network will base the development of a platform on the ideas and feedback generated by users.

Having an account opened on various social networks, you have had probably lots of experiences but it is guaranteed that no experience has brought to you the possibility to make a serious investment. With Zurker, things are quite surprising, as you can earn more and more shares by referring friends and becoming an investor. It goes without saying that each member will benefit from the development of Zurker, as the benefits offered to investors are more generous than anyone would normally expect from a social network.


Will Zurker become a rival of other social networks? Is the future holding out something special for Zurker members? No one can answer for certain to these questions but the truth is that the importance of Zurker cannot be denied. The strategy to give members equity is going to propel this social network at the top and soon everyone is going to be a part of it; share the success, learn a new face of social networking and most importantly, make a profit out of it.

This is what Zurker is all about. Here is invitation to join Zurker!