WidgetBucks’ B Tracks and AdSense Images

written by BlogEx on December 19, 2007 in Blog Monetization with 6 comments

For anyone using WidgetBucks, there’s good news. You now have more options for how your ads will look! According to the email I received (as well as their blog post):

The new ads are noted with a “B” (for “B Series”) in the pull-down menu of the “Customize Your Widget” page, where publishers can also see a preview before selecting with option to choose. One “C Series” widget, offered in the 300×250 medium rectangle size, includes a search box.

Since I haven’t gotten around to creating a product based blog yet (I’ve been meaning to for months), I haven’t put WidgetBucks to the test. However, it’s always good to see ad networks give publishers more control over the ads they display. For those of you that have put WidgetBucks on your sites, what has your experience been? I’d be interested to hear how it stacks up against the likes of Chitika or AdSense, especially for non product focused blogs.

In  related news, Google AdSense has released a new ad format called “Checkout Gadget” that is likely to give WidgetBucks and Chitika some added competition. I’ve been a pretty outspoken opponent of AdSense, however, I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers that will be happy to use the new ad units.