WHY Most People Fail Online

written by BlogEx on July 14, 2008 in Internet Marketing and Make Money Online and Motivation with 37 comments

Ever since I began teaching people how to make money online through my buying & selling websites training class, I’m starting to see why the “make money online guru market” is not a fun place to be.

When I decided to teach people how to make money online, I did so because I truly wanted to help people succeed. Since I’ve been working full time online the last 5+ years, I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do.

I’ve been fortunate to make over a million dollars online during this 5 year stretch, but it wasn’t an accident. I worked my butt off to get where I am today.

Now that I’m sharing my experience with people, I’m constantly hit with the label of “con artist”, “scammer” and many other names not nearly as nice as these.

Those who know me can attest that I’m probably one of the most generous people they know. I always go above and beyond to help someone out and often push my own desires aside if I can help someone else instead.

I had no idea when I got into this teaching business that there would be so much negativity associated with it. Sure, I get to hear a lot of praise from the students who take my training, but the non-customers who contact me are 90% negative, 5% skeptical and 5% excited to hear what I’m saying.

The biggest problem people have when trying to make money is the negative mindset.

If you are constantly thinking people are out to rip you off, you will never be successful. You’ll spend so much of your time trying to “prove” someone else is a fraud that you’ll never have time to actually make money yourself.

I’m yet to find a successful person in business who is always negative and pessimistic. Success just doesn’t match with this type of personality.

But, just being positive won’t make you successful however…

You have to take action!

It’s pretty sad, but most people never take action and actually put in the work to make things happen.

Usually what happens is someone will read an article or take a training class and store away that knowledge in their brain and never use it. Even if it’s the most valuable piece of knowledge in the world, they just absorb it and move on.

They spend most of their lives searching for more information, when in fact they probably already have enough knowledge to be very successful as it is.

An example of this is from my training class I teach. I just got a refund request this morning from a guy who said he “already knew everything I was teaching”. Yet, somehow he was not successful and still searching for a secret solution to his problem of not making any money online.

Maybe he did know everything I was teaching in the class, but if so, he should be selling websites for six figures like I’ve been doing. The problem may be that he is just an information junkie who never applies anything he learns.

It’s interesting when I hear people say “it’s too hard to make money online”.

That’s a bunch of nonsense!

HARD WORK is digging ditches in 100 degree sunshine for 8 hours per day.

Sitting on your butt writing a few articles is NOT hard work. Getting links to your website is NOT hard work. Spending 3 hours watching Google’s free video tutorials to learn Adwords is NOT hard work.

Yes, it takes time and yes, it can be boring, but it is not hard…

Sitting at a job you hate for 8 hours a day is much harder than an internet business.

Most people get overwhelmed.

A lot of times people are not successful online because they are simply overwhelmed. There are two possibilities here.

1) People are overwhelmed by opportunities.

Maybe you are signed up to 80 different internet marketers’ email lists, and each week you get a new “magic button internet billionaire training program”. So you jump from one idea to the next without actually doing anything. This is a very common problem. The solution is simple though, just unsubscribe from all of those email lists.

Very few email lists, from what I’ve seen, actually provide much value. In most cases, you just get hit with offer after offer of things to buy, which doesn’t help you one bit. In fact, it hurts you more than anything because of the distractions.

If someone truly wanted to help you by making recommendations, they wouldn’t be promoting a membership site coaching program one week and then the following week be promoting a software program that churns out 400 adsense websites per hour.

It’s no wonder you’re not successful, you’re getting pulled in 100 different directions that teach completely opposite business models.

2) People are overwhelmed by projects.

If you do have the ability to focus without the distraction of the “product launch of the week”, another issue you may face is being overwhelmed by the scope of your project.

You might decide to start a website on dogs, but when you are planning your website you think about all the things you want to cover.

You want to cover dog training, but then dog supplies look interesting too, so you plan out that section of your site. Then dog breeding looks like a good topic to get into, so you spend a couple weeks researching that topic. But then you figure some people might want to learn how to start their own dog sitting business, so you think about how you are going to get into that sub niche as well.

After you figure out all 214 dog related topics you want to cover on your site, you look at your outline of things you want to cover and say “there’s no way I’ll have time to do all of this work”.

And since it looks too much like work, you file it away until the next time you are feeling ambitious.

The months and years pass and you still never start your web business because there’s just too much to do.

Resolution to this problem – just break up the project into small chunks. Give yourself a deadline to complete each small chunk and slowly but surely you will get where you want to be. Maybe focus 3 weeks to building the dog training part of your website, then move on to the next part.

So what do you think? Any of these common problems apply to you?