Who-Tweet Button: Fancy jQuery Plugin for Twitter

written by aext on December 8, 2009 in Resources with 2 comments

I took the Topsy retweet button and jQuery-fied it, then added the “Who” part to it using the awesome Topsy API. to create this fancy share count button for your stories on twitter.

The Who part is about attributing the people who tweet your story by showing their Twitter pictures inside the retweet button. Topsy  keeps a complete history about Twitter trackbacks of your links which I utilized in another jQuery plugin and inspired me with this idea.

Who-Tweet Button : Fancy jQuery Plugin for Twitter


  • Display Twitter pictures of people who tweet your link.
  • You can show pictures of highly influential users only.
  • Display people tweets as a tool-tip when hovering over their pictures.
  • Many transition options like opacity, height and width.
  • The button is not Iframe-Based. Which means you can easily customize its style to blend into your theme.
  • The button makes use of jQuery DOM-Manipulation (No document.write) for better and optimal integration with your code.
  • Use a typical JS call or auto-load any number of div elements that have “who-tweet” class.
  • Still, you can display the original retweet buttons -tall or wide- without the Who part.

Go to my plugin homepage for demos and more details.
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