Reader Discussion: What’s Your Favorite Topic? $25 Cash Bribe…

written by BlogEx on March 29, 2008 in Reader Discussion and Reader Questions and Site News with 41 comments

Typically I don’t write blog posts on weekends, but I’m trying to continue my “great first impression” since I’m still new in town. Don’t get used to this 7 days a week stuff : -)

I was thinking a lot about what kinds of things I’m going to discuss on this blog over the next few months. I have about 7,000 articles floating around in my head, so there is no lack of content here. It’s more an issue of narrowing down all these thoughts into the most valuable things I can discuss.

Then I realized the most obvious way to focus my efforts is to just ask you what you want to read more about. Earth shattering breakthrough I know!

So, I found this handy dandy WP-Poll plugin a little while ago, fumbled around with it a bit and it just wasn’t working right. I’m sure it was user error on my end, but I never got it right. So, I’m using a free polling script from instead (even though that website sounds like an “adult entertainment” company).

Go ahead and place your vote for your favorite topic of interest…

(Note, you can check up to 5 boxes below if you can’t decide on your favorite)

After you place your vote for your favorite (or 5 favorite) topics, please leave a comment below and elaborate exactly what you would like to see. The more detailed you are, the more likely I can develop content that is exactly what you need.

To thank you for your time, I’ll randomly pick one of the comments below and send that person $25 via paypal. Be sure to use your paypal email address when leaving the comment in case you win so you can get your cash.

(BS comments like “Thanks” or “Nice post” won’t be part of the drawing, sorry. Drawing will be done via recorded video so it’s 100% fair using this random drawing program to pick the winning comment number).

I’ll pick a winner on Monday evening (March 31) around 8pm est, so make sure you leave your comment right away…

Thanks for your help!