Website Flipping Business Model Explained

written by BlogEx on July 7, 2008 in Internet Marketing and Selling Websites with 12 comments

Most of your know by now that my main business model is in buying and selling websites.

But what most people don’t know is HOW this business works or why I strongly believe it’s the most profitable internet business you can ever run.

Well, one thing I’ve learned to be successful in business is to take what’s already working in a different industry and apply those same principles to a new industry.

Basically what I did was model the real estate investing industry for the internet. I guess you could call it “virtual real estate investing”. Only, rather than buying hundred thousand dollar homes or apartment complexes, I buy “fixer upper” websites and make a lot more profit per deal.

The main difference between my virtual real estate investing business vs offline real estate investing is the cost to get started and the minimal risk.

The way I run my business, you can literally buy websites for as little as $400, compared to buying homes for $150,000. You can even build the websites yourself for virtually nothing besides an $8 domain name and $8 for web hosting.

Last I checked, you can’t build a home yourself, especially for $16 :)

It really is as simple as that!

The more complicated something is, the less likely it will work, so I keep everything I do as simple as possible.

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