Want to be a Ninja?

written by BlogEx on January 8, 2008 in Internet Marketing with 9 comments

How much would you pay for a course taught by Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney, or Aaron Wall of SEObook, or Neil Patel of Pronet Advertising, or Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim? Well how much would you pay for a course where you were taught by ALL of those big names, as well as Jim Boykin of We Build Pages, Jill Whalen, Todd Malicoat and Bill Slawski among others. If you don’t know who all these people are, you should. If you’ve done any type of internet marketing or SEO, chances are you’ve run accross their work. Basically these are the biggest names in the games and they know their stuff.

All of these people have come together and created the Internet Marketing Ninja course which is the subject of this ReviewMe review. The course is 15 hours of training videos from the impressive collection of people I talked about above. If you’re going to learn, you might as well learn from the best right? I’m going to level with you though, the price tag isn’t cheap. It’s $2995 per year.

Now, before you completely blow it off, consider that if the interviews were all you got, that would work out to about $200 an hour. That’s definitely a big investment so I asked Andy Beal what the main benefit of the course was. His response was this:

Internet Marketing Ninjas is like having a top-notch search marketing conference come to you. Instead of the hassle of arranging flights, missing valuable sessions, and forgetting to take adequate notes, you simply sit back and learn valuable tips at your own pace.

Until I had spoken with him, I hadn’t really thought of it that way. When you consider that a conference is probably going to cost at least $2,000, the price looks a lot more reasonable. Also, you can preview videos from each of the different instructors. That’s something no conference out there will do for you. But, the interviews aren’t the only thing you get. With your year long subscription, you ALSO get access to a huge set of tools that includes:

SEO Analysis Tools:

  1. The Mac Daddy SEO Analysis *Never Before Released!
  2. Google Top Ten Analysis *No Longer Public
  3. Top 10 Competitors Report *No Longer Public
  4. Top 100 Sites, Backlinks, and Age *No Longer Public

On Page Optimization Tools:

  1. Internal Link Title Tag Error Check Report *No Longer Public
  2. External Link Title Tag Report *No Longer Public
  3. Internal / External Link Title Tags *No Longer Public
  4. Mass Title Tag and Meta Description Editor *Never Before Released!
  5. Forward Link Check with Reciprocal Analysis – *No Longer Public
  6. Cool Cache and Bulk Cache Checker – *No Longer Public
  7. Header Checker – *Never Before Released!
  8. Search Engine Spider Viewer
  9. Keyword Density Report

Backlink Tools

  1. Quick Backlink Checker *No Longer Public
  2. Backlink Anchor Text Analysis *No Longer Public
  3. Strongest Pages Tool *No Longer Public/Improved
  4. Deep Link Ratio *No Longer Public
  5. Search Combination Google Yahoo MSN *Upgraded!
  6. C Class & Backlink Text Analysis *No Longer Public/Improved
  7. You and Your Competitors Common Backlinks *No Longer Public
  8. Your Neighborhood Authority Finder *Never Before Released!
  9. Common Co-Citation *Never Before Released!
  10. Jim’s Link Value Tool *Never Before Released!

The Amazing Interlinker Tool

This tool will Interlink your pages like Wikipedia does. Any time you mention a phrase that matches a phrase you’re targeting, this tool will link that text to that page.

As you can see, several of the tools are marked as “no longer public.” Just as it implies, some of these tools used to be open to the public and free to use. In fact, I used several of them on a regular basis. While I’m definitely bummed to see them become part of a paid business model, I can’t say I’m surprised. These tools were incredibly powerful and had to have been expensive to maintain.

Now I realize that many of you reading might not have three grand just laying around waiting for you to spend. I certainly don’t. To be honest, I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to afford it myself. However, if you’re considering attending one of the major conferences this year, I’d definitely suggest putting the Internet Marketing Ninja course on your list. While you might not get the networking benefits of a conference, you don’t get access to tools like these by attending any conference I’ve ever heard of.