Want Chris Garrett to Post on Your Blog? So do I

written by BlogEx on October 4, 2007 in Blog Marketing with 2 comments

Alright, I don’t normally enter contests that require a link, but this one is a bit different. First of all, this isn’t really a contest. Also, it’s something that I think you readers would like to know if you don’t already. Chris Garrett of chrisg.com is offering to guest post on your blog as well as link to your site. So what’s the catch? Really it’s not much of one at all. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

To get a guest post you need to let me know that you want one and to be eligible you only need to meet one requirement and that is your blog must be confirmed to be indexed by Technorati.  You can link to me with a post or if you are sure any links from your blog will show up write a comment saying why you should get one of the guest posts. That’s it :) As well as the guest post itself you will get a link from this blog. Some great content and a link, all for free!

I have a feeling Chris is going to get a TON of responses on this one. He’s a great writer and on top of writing for his own blog and running a great forum, he also writes regularly for CopyBlogger. Chris was also generous enough to provide one of the prizes for our Complete Blogging Package contest that helped generate a lot of interest and a lot of traffic for this blog. So, why do I deserve a guest post? Because I shared this information with you, my lovely readers, of course. 😉 Seriously though, this is one more chance to get a bit more exposure for your blog and who can say no to that?

Also, as just a little teaser, if you’re a fan of the hit TV show Heroes (and who isn’t at this point?) you won’t want to miss the post I have scheduled for this afternoon. In fact, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss it.