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written by aext on July 5, 2012 in Reviews with no comments

Learning from the best will make you very good or even one of the best. Applying this statement in the world of special effects, it became obvious that graduating from a good school is the base of a good specialist. Unfortunately, it is only an almost mandatory condition, but it isn’t enough – turning into a shining name requires many sacrifices.

The costs of graduating a well known school are very high and not everyone allows themselves to become a student. Fortunately, if you aren’t interested in having a diploma and prefer the practical acknowledgement then VFX learning may be the perfect solution. The quality of the courses and explanations found here are enough to convince even a graduate student to pay closer attention to it and why not, to join a module.

VFX Training has very serious bases that make the learning process very efficient. The main idea is that neither the students nor the teachers should waste time. The concept of online school isn’t something original but the experience, the previous satisfied clients by the experts teaching you, assure a unique context, and you should benefit from it. Luis Pages, the founder of VFX learning is a famous name in visual effects field; he was part of the team creating the amazing effects from “Avatar movie”…it does convince you of his skills, doesn’t it? Besides that, the entire team is formed only from very experienced and talented specialists, therefore you will have from who to learn.


VFX learning official website offers all the information needed to know in order to join the courses. Visit it to find out about what interests you. First of all, there are tons of amazing courses, each important software used in special effects is presented here and if you are passionate about it, feel free to subscribe to it. You may learn from some famous experts how to use Autodesk Maya, Sidefx Houdini, Exotic M Naiad, Foundry Nuke; these are complex programs and their help is priceless, the time spend learning these is significantly reduced.


Another plus of following VFX training is the modality of learning. The specialist don’t treat the students in a way that makes them feel ashamed, the relationship is founded on active dialogue and constructive feedback. All these facts should convince anyone that VFX learning is a good choice and the money and resources invested in following a course aren’t a waste of time. The details about the courses, starting dates, the name of the experts teaching you are all visible. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any unfair conditions. For further details, you may find an advisor on the website, but also a common FAQ section. Another positive aspect is the VFX learning forum, a place where you can find very important information and various opinions of the students. In the end, you must retain that VFX training is a very good solution to become an expert in visual effects but no matter how hard the trainers work, the effort of the student is capital.