Under the Microscope: Laser-Toner.co.uk

written by BlogEx on November 11, 2007 in Under the Microscope with 12 comments

Apparently my Under the Microscope posts from last week got some people’s attention because I’ve been receiving several more requests lately. Remember, if you’d like me to take a look at your blog or website, drop me an email. I won’t get to all of them but it’s worth a shot. Of course if you want to assure I cover your site, you can probably figure out a way to get my attention.. Anyway one of the sites that went that route was Laser-Toner.co.uk so here we are.

According to the about page,

“Laser Toner UK was one of the UK’s first online suppliers of high quality compatible inkjet and toner cartridges direct to businesses and the public. We now handle hundreds of thousands of orders every year and every customer is assured of a friendly welcome and that their purchase will be dispatched promptly.

Now, it’s been a while since I purchased any toner or inkjet cartridges but I do remember them being fairly expensive, especially if you have to buy them regularly. Fortunately, there are several stores and companies now that refill old cartridges making it much more affordable. Apparently Laser Toner UK is one of those companies that offers this type of toner cartridge for sale.

While the about page implies that Laser Toner UK has been online for quite some time, archive.org puts the age of the site at months, not years. On top of that, the site does absolutely nothing to inspire consumer confidence. While the home page is pretty simple and straight forward, it goes down hill quickly from there. After clicking on one of the Most popular brands, you’re greeted with a long list of toner cartridges. There are no pictures, no information about which printers they are compatible with, just a long list of links. Not only that, but a large majority of the links take you to a page that simply says there were no results found. I clicked around about 25 times before I actually found a page that actually listed a product for sale!

As if that weren’t bad enough, clicking on the Toner Refill button takes you to a page which promises toner refills for 75% off, but has only “Coming Soon” as the text. Brilliant. When I checked out the delivery info page, I had to scratch my head. The page claims “Order before 4.00PM Monday through Friday and we’ll deliver your printer cartridges for the next [working] day” of course they then qualify it with a quick “(please allow 1-2 working days for delivery).” Wait, what? Is it next working day delivery or isn’t it? Maybe this is a language difference (UK English vs. US English) but to me if you say next working day delivery it had better be at my home or office the next working day. I’m guessing they mean that they’ll fulfill and send out your order within one working day and then the actual shipping will take another day or two. While that might be a small mistake, it’s just the icing on the cake for this site.

So there you have it. Any readers from across the pond, I wouldn’t suggest using Laser-Toner.co.uk for your ink needs. They might in fact be a quality company, but their website doesn’t reflect that at all and as they’ll see from this review, you only get one chance to make a first impression online.