Under the Microscope: Hack WordPress

written by BlogEx on March 13, 2008 in Under the Microscope and WordPress Wednesdays with 8 comments

As part of the Affiliate Challenge prize, Kyle Eslick asked me to review his quickly growing WordPress site, HackWordpress.com. (update: the site is now WPHacks.com)


I’ve actually been following the site since it’s inception in October of last year. I must say, it’s going to be a bit difficult for me to come up with criticism because I enjoy the site thoroughly. I really feel the site fills a need and that fact alone puts Kyle in a great position to succeed (unlike his beloved Cubs 😉 ).

As you might expect, the site covers everything involved in using WordPress. Kyle covers as many themes, plugins, and naturally hacks as he can get his hands on. For example, one of his most recent posts was an in depth discussion about the future of premium wordpress themes (a subject I’m more than a little interested in). Another one of my favorite posts gives a long list of what Kyle considers to be the best plugins for all sorts of categories. I get questions about this all the time and I’ve got to say, I might just start pointing people to this post.

The other pillar of HackWordPress.com has got to be the different WordPress Theme Galleries:

If you’re looking at using or purchasing any themes, either free or premium, I’d suggest checking out Kyle’s review before you do.

As I said, it was difficult to come up with critiques but I did find a few. First and foremost, I’d really like to see the categories as a drop down item in the main navigation at the top of the site. With the block of 125×125 ads, and popular posts, etc, you have to scroll almost half way down the page before you can find the category list.

The other significant change I’d like to see is a splash of color on the site. I love the blue in the logo in the header, but I wish there were a bit more throughout the rest of the site. When you get down towards the middle of the page or the comment section, the different shades of gray can get a bit depressing.

Overall though, I really can’t say enough good about HackWordPress.com. Kyle’s got another great site on his hands (he also writes for slickmania.com and slickdomains,com) and I’m certain it will be successful for a long time. If you haven’t yet, you should absolutely subscribe to his feed.