Under the Microscope: 4rehabilitation

written by BlogEx on November 14, 2007 in Under the Microscope with 3 comments

Well I’ll tell you what, these review requests are getting more and more diverse. So far I’ve covered a dating site, a contest site, and tonight, I’ll be looking at a rehab site. 4rehabilitation.com offers “information on drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation treatment programs.” The site has a TON of information on all sorts of drugs and other common addictions and goes into a lot of detail. I’d like all that information to be presented in a bit larger font. With so much reading to do, the small type and narrow content makes it seem a bit daunting. However, the rest of the visual presentation is very well done. The green is an almost soothing shade and for a site that deals with such an uncomfortable subject that really shouldn’t be overlooked.

As I mentioned before, the site has a ton of quality information. They cover everything from alcohol to marijuana to GHB. They detail exactly what addiction is, go in depth describing the downward spiral that every addict travels, and have a contact form to help you find treatment for your addiction and put you on the road to recovery. I’m assuming this is how the site makes their money, especially since the headline on the home page is “Drug Rehabilitation Referral Service.” While some people might view this as capitalizing on someone else’s suffering, personally as long as people get the help they need I don’t care how it happens. To me that’s the genius of a site like this. Not only are they able to make money, but they also are able to provide a service which could actually help people. To me that’s the best of both worlds.

The only other flaw with the site that I’ve found is the links of interest page. I expected some sort of resource list but instead found a basically empty page. I’m not sure whether that’s just an issue suffered in FireFox or what but I didn’t have any problems throughout the rest of the site. Really this page would be the perfect place to put extra affiliate links for other services or products that would appeal to addicts or their families. Amazon links to addiction books or books about living with an addict would be perfect. If they really wanted to make some money they could put affiliate links to some pharmaceutical site but that might be defeating the point a bit 😉