Twitter Trackbacks Widget – A jQuery Plugin

written by aext on November 25, 2009 in Resources with 5 comments

A Twitter trackbacks widget to integrate tweets that mention your post. Each tweet comes with reply & retweet links to get more readers engaged in the conversation. Plugin is based on Topsy API, which has already released a WordPress plugin to turn your post tweets into comments. But, If your blog is not WordPress and looking for similar functionality using JavaScript only; then this widget is for you..

Widget Features

  • Display Twitter responses/tweets that mention your link.
  • Display tweets as a bar with transition effects or as a fixed list.
  • Retweet and reply links for each tweet to encourage people to share your link.
  • Return tweets of highly influential users only.
  • Style tweets based on the influence level of their users.
  • Many transition options like opacity, height, font-size.
  • Each part of the tweet like Avatar, links, Hashtags.. has its own class for easy CSS customization.
  • Show or hide some parts of the tweet like avatar, author name, date, retweet/reply links.
  • Use a typical JS call or auto-load div elements that have “twitter-trackbacks” class.

Go to my plugin homepage for demos and more details.

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