Transmit Free WordPress Theme

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Transmit Free WordPress Theme

Transmit free WordPress theme is a streamlined RSS aggregation template inspired by another design from “”. Transmit theme allows you to configure a single page with an unlimited number of RSS feeds from any website! If you are looking for an advanced blogging or news theme, Transmit free theme is definitely NOT the WordPress template for you. You can create static pages; however, Transmit free theme does not support blog posts at this time, which is intentional. You can also add standard 468×60 and 728×90 advertisements via the theme options page. All that goodness for nothing at all — make sure to download Transmit free WordPress theme at the end of this post as soon as possible!

Transmit Theme Features

  • Widgetized content areas
  • Custom menu management
  • Network installation support
  • “Simple Panel” theme options page
  • Logo customization options
  • Theme style customization options
  • Advertisement integration options
  • Custom page templates
  • Custom theme widgets
  • Customizable footer text
  • Google Analytics integration options

Standard Press75 Features

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100% Valid XHTML & CSS

Every Press75 theme contains 100% valid XHTML and CSS code. Keep in mind that certain themes will include HTML5 and CSS3 elements.

Transmit Theme Showcase

Come back and check out the showcase as we find more sites from around the web using Transmit.

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