Thesis Theme Review: Is The Thesis WordPress Theme Still Relevant?

written by BlogEx on January 4, 2012 in Blog Optimization with 5 comments

The Thesis Theme was built with one goal in mind: “To allow for simple, powerful customization, even if you only have a limited knowledge of CSS and HTML.”

Thesis Theme Overview

To date, over 42,700 people have used Thesis making it arguably the most popular (and most successful) premium wordpress theme of all time. With everyone from Tony Hsieh (founder of Zappos) to Dave Navarro (musician) using Thesis for their own web properties, the question begs to be answered…what is so great about the Thesis WordPress Theme?

Thesis WordPres Theme: The Details

Thesis was built from the ground up with the “details” in mind. Now many developers will tell you that they care about the details when in fact many of the “details” they care about are nothing more than bells and whistles that make absolutely no difference on things like search engine friendliness (out of the box), intuitive customization, and a site that converts your hard earned traffic into leads, buyers, etc.

Most entrepreneurs get so caught up in the aesthetics of their website (the background color, the size of the logo, the placement of the logo, should it be 100px or 101px) that they fail to remember that the average consumer could care less about your design. They want your product. Put another way, they want to quickly be able to learn about your product, not debate in their head whether or not they like the hot pink background to your site.

Thesis helps address many of these normal concerns by creating a design that is both functional, professional, and appealing to the eyes. Even greater, they realize that many people who use the Thesis Theme DO care about design and DO want something creative and unique…not just a standard premium theme that resembles every other site using the same theme. Take a look at how varied sites can look that run on Thesis with many times just very basic customization.

Thesis WordPress Theme: The Difference

OK, so a lot of high profile people and big companies like eBay use them. Does that mean that YOU should too? While I would never recommend you do something just because everyone else does (we all remember that conversation when we were younger), in this case, it’s important to ask the question, “Why would so many successful companies and individuals use a premium theme like Thesis?”

Because it works. Great.

While so much of the focus in recent years has been on shortcodes and customization options that can grind the site to a screeching halt due to “code bloat,” Thesis has remained committed to making an incredibly simple interface that is both highly functional, search engine friendly, AND highly customizable if need be without all the garbage that comes with most premium themes.

It is for this reason (and many more that you’ll discover when you get it) that the Thesis WordPress Theme is our top pick in Premium WordPress Themes.

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