A Million Track Mind: Learning How To Tame Your Creativity

written by aext on April 20, 2010 in Web Design with 29 comments

You come up with too many ideas. Way too many. It’s a curse. It’s a gift. Sound like something you’d say to yourself every now and then? Yeah, me too. It’s ok though because it’s not always a bad thing. There are drawbacks to being a multi-tasker in your mind, but for the majority of the time it brings out nothing but benefits. So today we’re going to look at a few different ways we can tame our over-active minds and find ways to get more done with our creativity.

Below you’ll find some tips on how you can harness your creativity and get the most out of your million track mind. If you’ve got other tips that aren’t listed here, please leave a comment and let us know because we can never have enough ways to control our creativity :)

Write it down and let it go

Taming your creativity

This is the #1 tip I could give other freelancers and creative people because it is what works the best (for me). You know the feeling you get when you’ve come up with a killer idea in the shower or in the car ride home, but then you forget about it the next day? This is one way you can ensure that you never have that happen to you again. By writing things down, you’re able to free up your mind and clear it of all of the ideas you have, so you can essentially make room for more ideas :)

Give your ideas away – for free

Taming your creativity

Become a leader in your field by giving all of your ideas away for free – or at least the ones you’re not going to use. They might be great ideas and other people with the time to do them might benefit greatly from them. Karma points go a long way, and if you’ve been the person giving all of the great ideas away, you will be the first person on peoples minds when it comes time to hire an expert from this field. So, get yourself a little piece of the web and get your ideas out there for people. Chris Brogan gave away 100 blog topic ideas, and guess what, people used them and praised him for it.

Get yourself a partner

Taming your creativity

If you’ve got a lot of ideas and you also like working with other people, this one seems like a no-brainer. Talk to some of your friends who may enjoy working on a project or two with you and see if you can cut down some of the time you have to spend on it, so you can put your ideas to good use in other areas as well.

Outsource the things you don’t have time for

Taming your creativity

Sticking with the above tip, why not just outsource the things you want to have done to someone who enjoys doing them? For instance, if you’re needing a website built for an idea you’ve had, but don’t have the time to design the site and code the site yourself, you can outsource these items to others who are freelance designers and coders – people who are ready, willing and able to knock out your projects for you.

Work hard on one thing at a time

Taming your creativity

Yes, people say that multi-tasking is the only way to be a successful person, but what if multi-tasking doesn’t work well for you because you become extremely distracted and cannot focus enough to get one project done? You put your head down, focus on the task at hand and knock the living shit out of it, that’s what you do! If you can tackle one project in a day, imagine how many projects you can get done in a week, a month or a year. Now, imagine trying to cram the month’s worth of projects into a week and see how far you get, you won’t get very far.

What tips do you have?

With all of the creative people who come to this site, I know there’s some creativity tamers here who can give us some more tips on what to do when the creativity just seems to overflow and we cannot control it :) Drop a comment and let the world know, we’re waiting 😉