Take Blog Promotion Offline!

written by BlogEx on June 9, 2008 in Blog Marketing and Blogging with 18 comments

When people hear about blog promotion, they immediately think of SEO techniques, link building, and other online promotional efforts. It certainly makes sense to promote your blog using these methods but conducting some offline promotional efforts is also worth considering.

A few years ago, it was not that difficult to get a high SERP ranking because there is only a limited number of people who blog about certain niches. In fact, “niche” probably became popular because only a few people actually write about their expertise. But nowadays, these seemingly niche topics are no longer “niche” in its true definition.

A lot of bloggers are exploring ways to make money online and they are discovering that it can be profitable to write about specialty topics even if they don’t necessarily have the expertise for it. But these bloggers know how to use optimization techniques so they achieve a high ranking and people inevitably visit their blogs. You will discover that your promotional techniques are no longer as effective as before because there are many people using the same techniques. So what can you do to get a competitive edge? Try to go offline.

Trying out offline blog promotion will result to better exposure and you will get a higher number of contacts. In addition, most people have the tendency to associate e-commerce sites that are being promoted online as being more credible than those that promote exclusively online; the same can be true for blogs. So how exactly can you effectively promote your blog offline? Well, below are some tips:

  1. Attend Blogging Conventions – most popular bloggers attend blogging conventions in their area; this activity has a purpose. You will establish a lot of contacts within the blogging community and you will get a lot of potential readers. In addition, you can learn a lot from other bloggers as well.
  2. Give out promotional items – whether it is a mug, a shirt, or even bumper sticker, make sure to give out some promotional items. This should include your blog URL with the description or motto of your blog.
  3. Sponsor Events – Depending on the topic of your blog, there will often be events or meetings that you can sponsor. Shoemoney recently mentioned this type of promotion as a method he has used for his newest project, fighters.com.
  4. Meetup with other bloggers – Often, members of popular forums, social networks, or blogs will organize “meetups” wherein the members can physically meet each other, allowing personal interaction among people that up until that point had just been another online personality. I would highly suggest trying to attend these events. Not only will you meet other bloggers or like minded individuals (who can be good for the occasional link or two from their sites), you’ll also be able to exchange ideas or even act as an informal Mastermind Group.