Cannot find ActionMappings or ActionFormBeans collection

published on September 8, 2008

This error occurs when you try to display a JSP before the Struts ActionServlet has been initialized and is active. read more | digg story Nguyen, Lam D’s Bloger –

Common Struts Errors and Causes

published on September 6, 2008

This page contains errors and exceptions commonly encountered during web application development using Struts. Along with the exception or error messages themselves, potential causes of these errors are often listed along with links to additional resources.

Struts: Validate form with Struts Validation

published on February 2, 2007

When using Struts, you can easily validate datas before excute. So many way to validate the form with Struts, you can use JavaScripts, XML validator…many, many way to validate them…This article is not a new way for this, but it’s …

Struts: The basic Web Struts Application

published on January 31, 2007

Before read this article, be sure you know What is the Strusts Framework? So, this article will explaint how to build an simple Web Struts Application?. It has many programs support easily-build-int Struts such as: MyEclipse, NetBean … But, the …