SponsoredReviews Replies – I was 2/3rds wrong

written by BlogEx on November 13, 2007 in Blog Monetization and Blog Reviews with 15 comments

Well, SponsoredReviews got back to me fairly quickly and as it turns out, they do mention both of the first two issues in their rules. Just not the rules I was able to easily find. I was given this link, and in this list they do mention that you aren’t allowed to advertise your prices if they are less than 25% lower than the price listed on their site. I was wrong there.

They also state that:

  1. Reviews cannot contain in-text advertising (e.g., Kontera) or sponsored links other than those of the advertiser, unless otherwise specified by the advertiser. Advertisers do not want to see links competing for clicks on the review that they are paying for.

While I don’t think the “business” links qualify since I gave that away as a prize, that’s a very fine line and one that I probably shouldn’t have walked. I’m not sure whether I just missed that section or whether this is an updated version the Getting Started Guide but I wasn’t able to find it without a direct link.

That brings us to the third and in my opinion most important point. SponsoredReviews has said they won’t be refunding the money but would prefer if I were a bit more tactful with my criticisms in the future. While I don’t have to “spin” it, they have suggested that there was probably a better way to convey my thoughts (most likely without the sarcasm as Tim mentioned in the comments to the last post).

With all that being said, much of my faith has been restored in SponsoredReviews and they are still my paid review site of choice. While I don’t think I was out of line, they also have to balance the advertisers desires with that of the publishers and that’s probably not an easy balancing act. I will continue to use their site and suggest anyone interested in making money blogging do so as well. I mean all’s well that ends well right?