dropSlideMenu – Yet Another Drop-Down Menu Using jQuery

written by aext on November 25, 2009 in Resources with 4 comments

There are plenty of jQuery drop-down menu scripts already available and many drop down solutions for web navigation. However, if you want to find only one solution that easy to implement and specially that you just need one-level support, query.dropSlideMenu.js will be your best choice. This one create by Damien du Toit. It’s a simple (single-level support only), yet easily and highly-customisable drop-down menu with an attractive sliding effect.

Features include:

  • Requires the mouse cursor to decelerate over the menu before activating, to prevent unintentional opening
  • Dynamic styling of clickstream (path of links are compared with path of the current URL) – optional
  • Possible to set widths on each list item and its drop down
  • Possible to individually style each list item and its drop down
  • List items with no link behaviour (where href is “#”) are disabled
  • Settings to control the duration (speed of drop down animation), and delay (before the drop down closes)
  • Select elements are hidden (IE6) – optional
  • Customisable Easing Effects
  • W3C-valid HTML and CSS

Go to the homepage of the author to see more details:
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