Promoting a Brand New Blog

written by BlogEx on July 10, 2007 in Blog Marketing with 5 comments

One of the toughest parts about this blog so far has been making sure I update and let you all know what I’m doing. I’m used to a “grip it and rip it” mentality where I crank out posts, do some promotion, crank out some more posts, and on and on. For this blog, I have to go back and explain the promotion I did.

Anyway, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve made a few changes to the site since first launching it. I’ve signed up for Feedburner and provided visitors two different methods to subscribe to the blog. If you haven’t done so already, please consider doing so. As you can see I made the RSS button quite large, mostly because it works well with the blue and orange theme of the site but also because I want the call to action to be clear. I want everyone that visits this blog to know I’d love for them to subscribe.

Also, I’ve provided an email option as well. Personally I LOVE RSS feeds and would always go with that option. However, you’ve always got to consider your audience and make it as easy as possible for them to consume your content. I had forgotten one of the golden rules until Chris Garrett reminded me of it.

That conveniently brings me to the next step I took. I signed up for the brand spanking new Authority Blogger Forum. I put this site’s URL in my signature, and I posted asking the bloggers there to “pimp my blog” which for those of you not down with the hip hop generation, means I asked them to critique it. That simple step brought in several visitors and many of them subscribed to the feed. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make, in my opinion, is not participating in their industry. If you’re writing a blog about blogging (like I am) what could be better than spending time making connections with other bloggers in a forum? If your blog is about training dogs, spend time commenting on other dog blogs, and maybe attend live events as well. Networking is not just something that happens in the offline world.

The third step I took yesterday was also in the networking vein. I joined MyBlogLog and added this site as one I author. I then joined several of the larger blogging communities such as Problogger, JohnChow, and the parody site JohnCow among others. I uploaded a logo (the bright orange RSS button) and left a few of the more prominent bloggers comments. That quick and simple task sent about 20 visitors my way and prompted 9 people to join the Blogging Experiment Community.

While these numbers are hardly earth shattering, it’s not a bad start for a young blog. Feedburner is currently showing that I have 11 subscribers and the 3 day trial of MyBlogLog stats tells me I’ve already had 2 more subscribers today as well as 2 email subscriptions. Believe it or not I made a few other changes to the site as well to help gain some exposure but I think I’ll leave you wanting just a bit more.

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss a post, please consider subscribing to the Blogging Experiment either via RSS or by way of email.