Your Posting Schedule Could be Hurting You!

written by BlogEx on October 25, 2007 in Blogging with 24 comments

Post scheduleThere are some things that, if done properly, can really help you achieve more. Your posting schedule is one of them. A bad posting schedule may not necessarily harm your blog but nor will it do any good. On the other hand, a good posting schedule will only do your blog good.

Having the right posting schedule can really give you the edge over your competitors and will especially benefit you. Having a bad posting schedule will only hinder your progress towards the success of your blog, having a good one will only accelerate it.

In this post I’m going to be discussing how to keep the perfect posting schedule.

Publish Pillar Articles on Weekdays

The time you spend on writing pillar articles deserves to be awarded. You can justify the time spent by publishing your top posts on weekdays. I can almost certainly guarantee you that the days on which you receive the most amount of traffic will be weekdays. So obviously, it’ll be better for you if you publish those pillar posts on weekdays. The benefit is that almost all of your regular readers and visitors will see it.

Not a Rule of Thumb

However, this is not a rule of thumb. You must have noticed that these days people tend to post those speedlinking posts on Sundays. Almost 90% of the blogosphere is filled with these types of posts on the weekends. Here’s where you have an opportunity to stand out. Why not stand out from the crowd by publishing a great article on a Sunday? If you do so, your content will have a higher chance to be seen by people. The drawback is that a lesser amount of people will see it.

So, what to do?

I’d say you mostly stick to publishing your best posts on weekdays. However, once in a month or so post a pillar article on weekends. See how posting pillars on weekends does for you; look at your stats. If you see that your best articles receive more coverage on weekends rather than on weekdays, then good for you, you can publish pillar posts on weekends. However, if it doesn’t work out, then revert back to posting your great stuff on weekdays. In the end you’ll have to experiment a little to achieve the perfect posting schedule.

Don’t Post SpeedLinking and Off Topic Posts on Weekdays!

This is one of the most common mistakes committed by bloggers. Many bloggers tend to post those speedlinking type and off topic posts on weekdays. This is perhaps the worst blunder you can commit as a blogger!

Unless it’s absolute breaking news, don’t publish off topic stuff on weekdays. Keep them for weekends. In regard to this issue, one advice to Ben though: try to post your reader sessions on Sundays, unless someone asked a pretty good question and the response would be very thorough. Here’s one post which Ben could’ve published on a Sunday instead:

What Time of the Day is the Best?

Enough talk about on which day you should publish posts. Let’s talk about at what time should you publish them.

The time of the day you publish your post matters as much as the day of the week you publish it. Here’s an absolute fact: post at what would be the ideal time for your visitor, not what would be the best suited time for you. You should embed that into your brain forever!

First try to determine where the majority of your readers come from. In almost all cases, the major bulk of a blog’s visitors come from the US. If this is true for you then either choose ET (Eastern Time) or CT (Central Time) and blog according to those times. This is where the Time Stamp feature is especially useful. I’m sure you all know Time Stamp, if you don’t then Ben will be glad to tell you.


Your posting schedule doesn’t need to be a hindrance. Follow what I’ve laid out above and I’m sure you will be able to achieve much more by having a near-perfect posting schedule.

What do you think?

Do you follow any of the above? If so, how has it helped you? Do you agree with me that posting schedule can be one of those things that help you in achieving more? I’d love to hear your views…

This post was guest blogged by Ruchir of TechnoMoney. He’s only in 10th Grade but at his blog TechnoMoney he gives you tips about blogging, ways to make money online, ways to save money and anything related. Occasionally, you’ll also find him posting about computers and news about technology and the internet in general.