My Experiences With Niche Stores

written by BlogEx on May 15, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online with 22 comments

With all the commotion over Max’s recent post Simple New Business Makes $222.73 per Hour, I wanted to give niche store building a shot. A lot of the comments replying to Max’s post asked how he managed to get organic traffic so quickly and what kinds of SEO things he did to drive traffic etc. After building a few stores of my own, my response to those people would simply be “Just try it.”

While my results weren’t as quick to come as Max’s, I have had a pretty impressive amount of success considering how little effort was required. The first site I put up took about 45 minutes for me to install and set up. This was the first time I had ever used the software and I made a few mistakes. I then spent another hour or so doing some quick keyword research and optimizing the individual pages for their specific terms. While that might sound a bit daunting to those of you who don’t have much experience with SEO, all I did was add the targeted terms to the page titles, the links pointing to those pages, and a headline or two (using H tags). That’s it, it’s hardly brain surgery.

That takes us up to about 1:45 in terms of time spent and I finished it off by adding links to the new site from a few of my forum profiles, a couple of blogs, and submitted it to a free directory. All together, I think I had about 5 or 6 links pointing to it with good solid anchor text and that took the total time spent on the site to about 2 hours total.

I sat back and waited for results and unlike Max’s test, I had to wait 3 days before I saw my first bit of organic traffic. I’d guess that’s due to the relatively small number of links the site had but sure enough once the site was indexed, the organic traffic started to trickle in and so did the affiliate income. Once again, my results fell a bit short of Max’s. He made $3.60 per day and while I did have days that I made more than that, my average over two weeks was right at $1 per day. While that’s not going to let me quit my day job or buy a house on the beach, if those results hold, that will be about $365 in a year’s time for 2 hours worth of work.

I didn’t create a video for you like Max did, but just so you know I’m not blowing smoke, here’s a screen shot of the results from one of my sites for the past two weeks.

Now I don’t know about you but when I see numbers like that, I immediately begin to think SCALE. As in, imagine if I could scale this up to 100 or even 300 sites. If I had 100 of these sites set up that’s an annual income of $36,500 for 200 hours (5 work weeks) worth of work! Personally if I were to do this large scale I’d get much quicker in setting the site up (I might even pay a local student to do it for me at minimum wage or something similar) but I’d also want to spend a bit more time building links to the site. With so many people jumping on the niche store bandwagon, I really believe links are what will separate the successful sites from the rest of the pack.

For those of you who would ask if it can be duplicated, I set up another site, and while I had to wait a bit longer this time (about a week) the same results have started to come in. Over the past week I’ve averaged $1.27 a day from that second site, again, for right around 2 hours worth of work.

So, if you were skeptical of Max’s results, I hope this helps open your eyes a bit. Stop worrying about how you might fail, buy the Niche Store Software and give yourself a chance to succeed.