New Test Business Makes $222.73 Per Hour

written by BlogEx on April 22, 2008 in Internet Marketing and Make Money Online with 119 comments

This Article was last updated on April 27, 2009

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I’ve been testing a new mini business idea the last few days. Personally, when I set out to make money on the internet, I tend to build businesses rather than little money making machines. I just have higher expectations for the online businesses that I build, so if I can’t make at least $10k per month with a business, I typically won’t work on it.

But, I realize not all my readers have the same mindset I have. Not everyone has 30-50 hours per week to work on building their internet business. Not everyone wants to make six figures plus per year online (or at least is not willing to put in the work to make it happen).

So I set out to find an EASY internet business that had the potential to make somewhere between $500 – $1000 per month. This seems to be the magic number that people say would make their lives a lot easier.

You’ll notice I rarely promote affiliate offers on this site. In fact I haven’t promoted any affiliate products since I took over this blog. The reason for this is, I will never promote a product or service unless I fully test it first, AND am able to get the results the product says I will get. Sadly, I’d say about 90-95% of the products people are promoting in the make money online niche are complete scams and garbage.

I’m not willing to sacrifice my reputation by recommending garbage products!

Long story short, I tested 4 different products claiming I could make quick cash. Three of them bombed terribly, one of them is doing pretty well. Below you will find a video that talks about the experiment business that is making decent money, and how this “quickie business” is on pace to make me about $222 per hour this year…

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Links To Websites Discussed In The Video Above:

1) Build A Niche Store Software

2) Ebay

3) Hostgator Web Hosting

For those of you who do not like to watch videos, I’ll write a summary of the video below so you can get a rough idea of what I’ve done (you should watch the video if you want the full details of the income potential).

One of the product ideas I tested is this Niche Store Builder Software. The idea behind it is pretty simple. It’s a software program that lets you build an ebay affiliate store very quickly and easily. Basically, all you have to do is buy their software (about $100), but a domain name (about $8) and buy some web hosting (about $100/year), push a few buttons, read a training manual, and you are in business.

So, that’s exactly what I did. I bought the software on April 16 and then followed the instructions exactly as written in their user manual. It took me no more than 1 hour to get the first site created and posted online. I spent another hour getting a couple links to the new site as the training manual stated and then I left the website alone to see what would happen.

To my complete surprise, my new website got a little bit of traffic the next day (April 17th). From that traffic, I was able to send 8 clicks to ebay’s site via my affiliate links on the new website I built. Unfortunately, none of those clicks generated any money. (See the video for full income stats of the website).

I pretty much forgot about the site after the second day not seeing any income, so I got busy with preparing for my “website buying and selling class” I’m putting together. Fast forward 5 days later when I checked my ebay affiliate program stats again and lo & behold, MONEY.

Nothing earth shattering, but it was free money that I did minimal work for. Finally, a money making idea that actually made money! Here’s the commissions earned from this one little stupid website I built in an hour…(all verified in the video)

4/17 – $0.00
4/18 – $2.08
4/19 – $4.55
4/20 – $7.30
4/21- $4.11

Total income over 5 days = $18.04

Average income per day = $3.60

(side note, ebay’s affiliate program is pretty annoying, they delay the income stats by about 30 hours, so it’s frustrating when trying to review your stats).

Now some people would look at $3.60 per day and say “big deal”. But, it’s actually not that bad. Let’s look at it from a business owner/investor’s perspective…

In this experiment business I started, I spent a total of $200.35 for the software, hosting and domain name. I also invested 2 hours of my time getting everything setup. That’s my total investment. As a result, I have a website that is making $3.60 per day. Over the course of one year, that will add up to $1,314 in income for me, or $1,113.65 PROFIT (in other words, I will make 6 times my investment)

That profit will be made from 2 hours of work, which is $556.83 per hour. Now I don’t know if this amount of income will continue for a full year without any additional effort on my end or not. I’m sure I’ll have to spend a little more time on marketing to get more links, etc.

So I’ll add in an extra 3 hours of “work” over the course of the year to maintain the current results. Even with 5 hours invested in this website, it will still be earning me $222.73 per hour…not bad! Keep in mind, this is just one website. The other thing I liked about this money making idea is the scalability of it.

Once you buy the software, you can make as many websites as you want without any additional cost. Also, with the web hosting plan I bought (the “Baby” plan from hostgator), you can host an unlimited number of websites for no additional cost as well.

So, to scale this business up, your only cost for additional websites will be the $8 or so for a domain name. Now, rather than making $1,113.65 profit per year with your website, each additional website would be making $1,306 profit per year assuming the same amount of earnings per day.

I have no idea how much these types of websites can earn if you actually spent time marketing them rather than just letting them sit like I’ve done. I’d imagine one single website could make well over $50 per day without too much effort.

It doesn’t take too many sites before the income really starts to add up. As shown in the video, 10 sites earning $3.60 per day would be a profit of $12,800 per year (just over a grand per month) I also showed what you would earn if you wanted to get obsessive over this stuff and build 100 sites (over $130,000 per year).

The niche site software is perfect for complete newbies to internet marketing because it gives you full training. It’s also great for experienced marketers because it’s a huge time saver by using their templates and software. Out of the 4 products I tested, this is the ONLY ONE that actually made money. I know it’s still early in the test, but so far it’s on pace to earn me about $222 per hour this year…

If you currently make more than that, then you can ignore this post. If you don’t make that much, then you need to seriously check out the Niche Store Software. (They have lots of great examples on their site for your review too)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this personal Build A Niche Review (aka BANS Review), and I’d love to hear your results once you get your sites up and running…Now get to work!