My First Dollar & Yahoo Publisher Network

written by BlogEx on July 23, 2007 in Blog Monetization with 4 comments

I’m sure you’ve all be on the edge of your seat waiting for the day I’d make my first dollar from this blogging experiment. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, it’s my pleasure to announce the fact I have indeed earned my first cent. In fact, I’ve made $2.39 off of 3 clicks since placing Yahoo ads on the site. Unfortunately, all three clicks were from the first day I had the new ads on the site and I wouldn’t expect the click through rate to remain that high. In my experience, it doesn’t take long for people to develop ad blindness, not to mention the click curiosity factor of any new ads placed on a site.

Normally in a post like this, I’d link you to their signup process and walk you through the steps required to register and begin serving ads. Unfortunately, Yahoo still has their Publisher Network in beta testing and I know a lot of people who have been waiting for quite a while to get approved. When you throw in the fact that Yahoo does not currently have an affiliate program to compete with Google’s (which pays publishers for new referrals) and it’s no wonder Yahoo hasn’t managed to keep up with Google in any area of search.

That being said, the setup and installation of the ads was quite simple. You choose the size, shape, and color and plug it in where you’d like the ads to display. I’m hoping the contextual nature of the ads will help generate more clicks than the AuctionAds did. Once again I’ll be testing these ads out for a couple of weeks or so, relating my thoughts and experiences with it, and then moving on to the next network. Once I’ve reviewed a handful of networks, I’ll consolidate them into a nice easy to read series and maybe offer it as a download for subscribers or something.